Series Wide Field

What order should these go in?

I'm writing a sci-fi series and the accompanying encyclopedia (to explain virtually any and everything in the series). In it a wide variety of different technologies are used and portrayed. I was curious as to which order people thought these should be in (they are in order from least to most advanced)

The order of these three is set:

It is the order of following four that I am debating on:
Singularity (a black hole)
DMR (Dark Matter Reactor)
Dark Energy Siphon
ZPE/ZPF (Zero-Point Energy/Field)

The order of these final two is set:
Dimensional Tap
Membrane Harness

Opinions? Reasoning? How should the complete list look?

Dark Energy siphon

Well singularity is a well known term and the others are not so I would put it first. We would likely be able to build a reactor before a siphon so reactor before siphon and ZPE seems currently way out of reach.

Widefield Astrophotography Series Part 1

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