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SimpleDreamEQ2 GoTo upgrade kit for SkyWatcher EQ2 ORION EQ2 Celestron CG3 mount

This kit consists of a control unit and set of drives: direct drive for RA axis and complete set for replacing a standard drive of the DEC axis with a «worm» drive.

In SimpleDream EQ2 there are modes of operation for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

SimpleDreamEQ2 mount control system designed to automate an equatorial mounts of SkyWatcher EQ2, ORION EQ2, Celestron CG3 and their analogs. It can be used in a «stand-alone mode» or «control mode» (from PC or mobile device).

SimpleDreamEQ2 «Micro GoTo» feature allow to find a space objects automatically, quicly and accurately and follow them with different speeds. With the «Guide» feature you can create astro photos with large exposures. Built-in WiFi access point allow wireless control of the mount from planetary software that works on Windows, Android or iOS.

SimpleDreamEQ2 speed modes:

  • tracking speeds - «star», «lunar» and «solar»
  • adjusting/guidance speeds - x10, x30, x60 from solar speed
  • guiding correction speeds - x0.5, x0.75, x1.0 from stellar speed
  • guidance speed in «Micro GoTo» mode - x60 from stellar speed

In «Micro GoTo» mode mount control system can work with any astronomy software (Windows OS) that supports ASCOM platform: Stellarium, Cartes de Ciel, StarCalc and others. ASCOM platform and Meade Generic LX200 telescope driver should be installed on the PC first. For the Android and iOS in «Micro GoTo» mode SimpleDreamEQ2 works with SkySafari, OrionStarSeek, and other software. Meade Classic LX200 telescope should be selected.

In «Guide» mode mount control system can work with astrophotography software: MaximDL, Guidemaster, HDGuiding and others. ASCOM platform and GuideDream driver should be installed on the PC first. ST-4 port of the mount control system should be connected to GuideDream and the unit itself (not included in this kit) should be connected to PC with USB cable.

Variety of platforms, drivers and applications with what SimpleDreamEQ2 can work creates a user comfortable conditions depending on the tasks assigned. For example, for astronomy photography laptop or PC is used to search, target and guide the object during exposure. Such options has mostly the Windows software. But for visual astronomy application it will be more comfotrable to control the mount with smartphone or tablet.

For reliable and long-term engine operation, clamping of worm screws to gears must have a slight backlash. In the absence of this backlash, the worm screws will be strongly pressed against the gears which can lead to missing the steps and even engine failure!
After installing the drive on the declination axis, the standard brake screw of this axis must be in the released state during the operation of the mount. Otherwise, the declination axis drive motor may be damaged.

Before turning on please revise User Manual attentively!

For full SimpleDreamEQ2 description and installation instructions please check the SimpleDreamEQ2 User Guide.

Packages contains:

  • SimpleDreamEQ2 mount control system
  • A set of parts and brackets with motors for two axles
  • CD with software and user manual

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