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What is the best video editing program that is simple to use?

Me and my friend make fun videos and like messing around with special effects. He owns Pinnacle studios 12 ultimate which isn't a bad program for simple editing but becomes VERY LIMITED in the effects department. I tried a trial for adobe after effects, however the program is quite difficult to make decent effects in.

So what would be the best program for simply fun good quality effects and not to difficult to use?

Note: I don't care about prices as of now so that does not matter.

You may try this AVS Video Editor which has many great functions. The features in the official site are below:
1. Direct Transfer to iPod, PSP, Mobiles and Other Portable Players
2. Supports Virtually ALL Video Formats
3. Burn Movie DVDs
4. Capture and Edit Video from External Devices
5. Edit Video and Enhance Your Movies
6. Create Slide Shows
7. Make Perfect Audio for Your Video Editing Tasks
8. Scene Detection
9. Convenient Video Editing Tools and Interface

There is the free download link:
Also, you can use Photoshop which may be difficult for us:

Gary Ablett Jnr - Simply the Best

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