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Sky-Watcher 10" Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope

This is basically new, though we did try to use it a couple times... and because of the shipping issues, the tube has a small paint chip and maybe a scratch or two that I've missed... but there are no dents, and otherwise nothing wrong with this unit.

The original Base was destroyed in shipment, and was JUST replaced with all new base a few days ago.

While waiting for the insurance company and manufacturer to get things worked out, and get us a new base, we purchased a few extras:

~ extra eye pieces
~ laser dot collimatator (the thing that helps align the mirrors perfectly)

~ T-Mount, enlarger & extender (which allows the Canon mount and eye pieces to be used more easily)
~ CANON EF camera camera mount,

Took this outside for these photos, and to make sure the Canon EF mount camera would work on it (and it does). This has otherwise stayed indoors since we purchased it; though we might take it outside on the deck again if there is another chance at a clear moon.  It probably won't be transported anywhere until it is sold.

We bought this around Christmas time, thinking we were going to do some astral photography. Hoping to capture some better images of the Full Moons that were supposed to happen.However the base was destroyed in the shipment, and it's taken nearly 6 months to get all that worked out and finally get a whole new base.

In the mean time, we've decided that we really aren't all that interested in astral photography, and live too close to the lights (and too far south)... and really don't have an easy way to move this telescope around to an area that has a darker sky (and less light population) in our little car that it won't comfortably fit in.

Telescope on the stand (as pictured) is about 60 pounds total; if you can 'pad' it... I would probably transport it intact (left together). However, if that wasn't easy for you, then you can easily unscrew (by hand) the two tensioner handles on the sides, and transport with the scope removed from the base.

Together, on the base, it can be moved easily by two people, one on each handle... that is how my wife and I moved it from the living room out to the back deck for photos. I can move it myself, but I do believe it would take one pretty good size person that can lift and steady an large awkward object for just one person to move it fully assembled. If I were doing this much, I would put it on a dolly (hand truck with soft wheels, to reduce the bounce), as I think that would allow it to be moved over just about any distance and on most reasonable trails easily in and out of the house... or to a shoot site.

With the telescope removed, the stand is easy to carry, and about 35 lbs. The tube, collapsed, with the finder and lens extensions removed, is also pretty easy to carry.  I DO NOT suggest trying to mount, or unmount, the scope from the stand in the dark or while juggling a flash light. GET A HEAD LAMP or helper (the later is obviously preferred for most people). Moving it is not real difficult, but there are some important parts on the tension handles that are small and can fall easily, and those eye pieces are not cheap (but quite important). The high end right angle finder is easily removed also, if you are transporting and have to lay it down.

I believe it is calibrated, and collimatated (which you can also look up on YouTube, if you have any issues). It focused perfectly on trees in the distance when I had it outside today, and some stars we pointed it at last night. I honestly haven't tried it with the moon - yet; but may if it doesn't sell before the next full moon.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I don't know what the shipping is going to cost, I'm guessing in the $100 range, with insurance, and at least two separate large boxes. The base and scope would ship separate. It really depends on the distance, and request of the buyer, whether I take the base back apart for the shipping. I honestly believe it would probably ship better unassembled, unless the right box and packing material is used.  LOCAL PICKUP IS POSSIBLE here in the LOUSVILLE, MARYVILLE, Alcoa, TN area.  Something this size would likely be shipped by UPS Ground.

Since the base is such a massive pain in the rear to get from the manufacturer... I thought would listing the telescope and base separate. Maybe a 'base only' - '10" collapsible dobsonian telescope only' - and 'the combination (base assembled)' - and 'the combination (base unassembled for shipping). Though I didn't do that. If you are sincerely interested in JUST the Telescope, or JUST the Base... you can send a message and a reasonable offer, and I'll consider listing them separately.

You are welcome to offer feed back or suggestions. Seems there is already some interest, and we just listed it). Anyhow...

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