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New, Open Box, SkyWatcher S30300 EQ6-R Pro Mount, Telescope Accessory, White

  • 44lbs payload capacity
  • Belt drive
  • SNAP port
  • Auto guide port
  • Built in illuminated polar scope

Product Description

The universe above us is vast and endless, filled with the most unimaginable sights available to man. For years, humanity could only wonder about the beauty of the night sky, but now technology has allowed man to see the wonders of the heavens. With many variations of telescopes available, the skies are now closer and brighter than ever before. But with a great telescope, you need a great mount and that is where the EQ6-R Pro comes into play.


The Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Mount is a beefy equatorial style mount with steel tripod legs. The whisper-quiet belt drive combined with the SNAP port and the auto guide port make this mount the perfect choice for viewing the night sky. Easily one of the most transportable mounts, EQ6-R Pro has an ergonomic carry handle allowing for a tough grip on the mount when moving it from place to place. The mount is a computerized GoTo system with a 42,900 object database, giving you views of a wide variety of celestial wonders.


The EQ6-R boasts a number of features to aid astrophotographers. The built in ST-4 Autoguider port turns this mount into an astrophotography powerhouse, allowing you to utilize most of today’s best autoguiders. Using the integrated RS232 port, you can control the telescope from your computer and take advantage of today’s most advanced astronomy software. With a weight capacity of 44 lbs, the EQ6-R can handily support an optical tube, imaging accessories and camera.

Silent Yet Precise Slewing

The EQ6-R Pro uses Stepper motors with a 1.8° step angle and 64 micro steps driven. Stepper motors are quieter than servo motors, providing accuracy up to 1 arc minute without waking your neighbors from buzzing motors.


Using our proprietary SynScan hand controller, the EQ6-R Pro provides a user-friendly interface with automatic slewing to over 42,000 objects in the night sky. The hand controller can also connect to a computer using the supplied RS232 cable (USB adapter available), enabling computer control with most astronomy programs. For the astrophotographers looking to reduce Periodic Error, the SynScan hand controller has built in PEC training that can be configured while in the field!

Flexible Polar Alignment

Sky-Watcher includes an illuminated polar finderscope to aid the polar alignment process. The finderscope features a circular grid reticle for the northern hemisphere, consistent with todays popular polar alignment apps. For astronomers in the southern hemisphere, the constellation Octans is built into the reticle as well. Even without a clear view of Polaris, the EQ Pro can be polar aligned using our SynScan hand controller. Simply choose one of the visible stars listed and use the latitude adjustment screws to center it in the eyepiece.

Bundle of Accessories

As customary with all Sky-Watcher products, an assortment of accessories are included with the EQ Pro mount. A retractable counterweight bar is supplied, allowing for easier transportation as well as two 11-lb counterweights are included to help balance any payload. The EQ Pro features a saddle compatible with both D and V style mounting plates, granting users the flexibility to utilize multiple optical tubes, even if the mounting plate is different.

What's in the Box

  • Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro Mount
  • 2 x 11lbs Counter Weights 
  • Tripod Spreader
  • Canon EOS Trigger Cable
  • Thread on Power Cable
  • Synscan Hand Controller


  • Mount Type: EQ
  • GoTo: Yes
  • Object Database: 42900+
  • Payload Capacity: 44lbs.
  • Polar Alignment Assist: Yes
  • Auto Guide: Yes
  • Permanent Periodic Correction: Yes
  • DSLR Interface: Yes
  • Motor Type: Stepper
  • Drive System: Belt
  • Polar Scope: Built In
  • Clutch: Locking Lever
  • Mounting Saddle Type: D and V-style
  • Power Type: 12V
  • Tripod Leg Diameter: 2"
  • Mount Head Weight: 38 pounds
  • Tripod Weight: 16.5 pounds

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