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SkyWatcher Esprit 100EDT with Mount.
Brand New
Includes Limited Two Year Warranty
. . The SkyWatcher S11410 features a 3-element refractor telescope air-spaced ED

APO Triplet optics made of FPL-53 ED and Schott BK-7 glass, coupled with multi-layers of a high

transmission coating. A 2-element threaded field-flattener corrects distortion that can occur at

the edges of the field of view. This combination makes astrophotographic images clear and sharp,

with high-contrast and true-color transmission, from one edge of the field of view to the other.
The 2" rack-and-pinion Helinear Track focusing system allows you to bring celestial objects into

precise focus with virtually no shift. The focuser features tracks above and below the focus

tube. This gives the mechanism two points of contact, keeping focuser level even with a camera

mounted on it.
Esprit 100EDT

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