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Solomark Collimation Eyepiece for Newtonian Telescopes and Refractors - Cheshire 1.25"

  • Special eyepiece fits into 11/4" focusers or diagonals.
  • For aligning optics of Newtonian reflectors, Dobsonian reflectors, and Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes (SCTs)
  • Collimation eyepiece is more accurate than the simple Collimation Tool
  • When collimating a refractor you should put the Cheshire directly into the focuser.
  • With Dustproof and MoistProof Rubber Cover-Expert Design-CNC Machine Made- Precise Surface Dealing

The SOLOMARK Cheshire eyepiece has a broad rim on which it rests when it is inserted into the telescope's focuser. This provides an exact alignment of the Cheshire so that the collimation result will be accurate even if there is play between the Cheshire and the focuser. Newtonian telescopes: Insert the Cheshire like a normal eyepiece into the telescope focuser. Turn the porthole on the side towards a light source and look into the pinhole of the eyepiece. Once the crosshair and the reflection of the secondary mirror are concentric the telescope is properly collimated. Refractors: When looking through the Cheshire you will see as many reflected discs as there are glass-to-air surfaces. (Example: An air-spaced doublet refractor will show four reflected discs, of which usually two are brighter.) Once all these rings are concentric the telescope is perfectly collimated. A slight misalignment usually is no problem, however if the rings are drastically excentric then the telescope should be recollimated. Hands-on Advice by SOLOMARK: When collimating a refractor you should put the Cheshire directly into the focuser. Do not use a star diagonal, which in itself might be slightly miscollimated. You will need to keep the lens cap on the focuser, else the image will be too bright and you will not see the much fainter reflections. When collimating a Newtonian telescope we recommend to rotate the telescope until the focuser looks straight up, and then to insert the Cheshire without locking it. This prevents the Cheshire from getting tilted slightly out of axis.
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