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What Should I take to a Picnic date?

I am 14 years old and I want to take my GF out to the park and have a nice picnic. But I do not want to take any sandwiches but more sweets and fruit. So far I am thinking of Strawberries and cool-whip and to drink some sparkling apple cider and that's it. If any of that is to corny please let me know and please give me other suggestions. Thank you =)

It isnt corny at all.It actually proves that you are well on your way to becoming a gentleman.You may very well be the perfect husband in the future.I have found through my years that most females appreciate that you take the time and make an effort to make them things as opposed to buying them things already made.It is more sentimental to them so they value it more.Consider maybe baking her cookies and if you can,pick a beautiful red rose from your neighbors rose garden(without being seen) and present it to her at the picnic.Let her know that you baked her the cookies and picked the rose for her.Good luck!

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