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The sport of hunting falls fully in the latter category and is purely done in pursuance of interest. However, hunting needs precise tactical gear to bring about the best results. The expressions 'duty gear' and 'tactical gear' may mean the same, or can have different connotations, based upon who is using it. Duty gear is the essential equipment that one needs to perform one's duties. Tactical gear is the extra sharp gear designed to facilitate that performance in difficult situations.

Tactical gear may not be everybody's duty gear because all types of explorers and adventurers need tactical gear to pursue their interests, which may not be part of their duty. For police and military, there is not much difference between duty gear and tactical gear, because, they approach difficult situations as part of their duty. For example, policemen would be climbing mountains as part of their duty while civilians may be doing the same as a hobby, but both of them would require more or less the same type of tactical gear.

Hunting is the killing of wild animals for sport and hunting gear is never anybody's duty gear. Though hunting of endangered species is restricted in some places, tactical gear for hunting has evolved without any restriction. A good pair of binoculars, carbon suit that can eliminate human scent, and a GPS unit that incorporates advanced features, are some of the right tactical gear that hunters can use to make sure that they take the game home.

Binoculars, which is a necessary tactical gear for many operations like climbing, sailing, and night patrolling, is necessary for hunting as well. Of the two types of binoculars available – namely roof prisms and porro prisms - roof prisms accommodate the more recent technology. It is more expensive than porro prism, but is much lighter and easier to handle, and gives better service as tactical gear. Binoculars are for distance vision, but a good pair of hunting binoculars should be able to focus close also. While buying binoculars, hunters should check whether it can focus in a range of up to 12' to 14'.

Another tactical gear for hunting is human scent elimination suit. Many hunting game can smell human presence and will run away from the hunter's vicinity if it detects the human smell. The carbon lined scent elimination suit can prevent the wearer's body odor from leaking out into the atmosphere for about 40 hours. The suit has to be activated before wearing. For getting the best results, hunters should avoid wearing this tactical gear when they start from home. They should not use it while driving and should don it only once they reach the woods so that they get the maximum benefit from its functional hours.

A GPS is also a necessary tactical gear for hunting. A GPS unit can do many things like display the hunter's exact position on the hunting ground, calculate distances and speeds, store locations that have been crossed during the travel, help the user to navigate back to the vehicle, or even track the position of the hunting dogs if they are used. There are many varieties of GPS units to choose from. Those, which have features like radio facilities, are waterproof, are camouflaged, or can give warning signals when necessary, do a very good job as tactical gear.

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