Stone Beads

Where can I find beads that are made out of healing stones.?

I am interested in making jewelery with healing properties. I would like to know of any websites.

Well first, pick up ur self of Bead-style magazine. I believe it's July's copy of it that comes with an attached Gem-Stone chart ! It indicates what stones help physcially and physcologically. Any natural stones, ie: carneal,opal,amystity- (pardon my horible spellin*). ... jade/ adventurne, etc.
try....... or -if anything google thoses if they dont come up right and you'll see there headings in google when searched. Most of the stones on firemoutain gems when looking up- semi-precious stones - each of the semi-precious stone will list a small back-ground and minni history feed on the stone it's self, and then you can buy the beads in either chip,round etc... depending on the choose stone and it's advailability. it has like 2 shipping options or something, all major credit cards I believe are good with the site. I've order'd 3 times with firemoutain- because they have a live help assistence there on each page at the top, and you just type in the product code of the item on the page at the time , when the chat-applet appears and person writes to you , and just say this is the item i'm looking at, can you tell me something or wutever u need to know about it or any questions regarding there site and info around it. As for Happymango beads.... very breif, info on it, e-z to order from and accepts major credit cards as well. nice selection and good pictures, just remember when ordering from them or any of the bead sites listed, take inconsideration the size of the bead when they say 3mm or 5mm, soo chances when it comes to the semi-precious stones, ...depending which ones and it's size will determin cost., as well as how u ship ur product - and then with firemoutain they're good when it comes to supple, all there items are assortable - meaning u buy in x- amount of volume and it's cheeper inbetween certain levels of ur product. if your lost on this aspect you'll see when you arrive at the site. Hope this helps some. It's what i know so far my self. all the best!

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