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stone meteorite tektite rock natura rough indochinite original perfect
Is a lucky stone and prevents danger

Stone Type :  Indochinite Tektite
Shape : Unique 
Weight :  49 g
Size :  2" (approx)
Quantity :  1
Color :  Natural Black
Origin :  Northeast , Karasin Province. Thailand

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Tektites are natural objects, which have been formed by the impact of large meteorites on Earth's surface. Tektites are among the "driest" rocks. They appear black, but when held up to the light, you can sometimes see a golden tint in translucent areas around the edges. Its slightly worn surface is pitted with tiny aerodynamic holes. Thailand tektites are known as “Indochinite” which have been shown by K-Ar radiometric age dating to be approximately 700,000 years old. Scientists believe that the tektite's origin is the result of meteorite impact on either terrestial or lunar rocks. The tektites then formed when molten rock, created by the meteorite's hyper-velocity impact, flew through the air hardening into natural glass with aerodynamic forms and surface features. Beautiful, black, shiny, and well formed might all be descriptive words that apply very well to the splash form tektites found in Thailand. Dumbbells, Teardrops, Ball,Rods, Patties, Spheres, and all the various in between forms are found in this region of the Indochinite strewnfield Thailand received a good portion of that material.. Not large numbers of new specimens are being made available from Thailand so very high quality older supplies show how really nice this material is. The surface texture is rich with bright shiny cups and pits. The surfaces show the twisting of the molten glass in visible surface flow lines. The ever present bald spot is generally found on all larger splash form tektites and that is the case with Thailand splash forms as well.

  Discovery: Indochinite Tektite or Thailandite has had been the tektites; it almost found in Thailand Northeast until to Lao and also Vietnam area. But these tektites found in Thailand which it has unique, format, a variety of skin; that has much more collection. A variety of discovery in the paddy field, watercourse, and underground; it easy to found after rainy as during practice agriculture, after dig and plow the paddy field

Tektite Star Skates is a lucky stone for those who occupy Protect and repel things that are invading Eliminate dispel bad things Use to protect your black magic. Has a huge amount of accumulated power Therefore may be called a powerful body When brought in by the correct process Thus enabling Break down negative energy All the bad things can go. And because it is an object that is completely black Therefore able to attract good power And also promote Giving positive energy to other objects To be more powerful as well Is an object that is superior to any other object in the world The bald good thing To the possessor And also encourages life to grow Add charm to convince others to love and respect. Called the evil petals become good Everlasting Or say as follows Is a source of power Stimulate the conscious mind to be good. In mental meditation Helps to strengthen the knowledge of the truth in the truth of nature Knowledge and creativity Portability Will increase the power of the aura around the body, making the aura stronger Will help prevent fire and various disasters

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