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A Marketing Idea Guaranteed to Increase Your Sales!

Would you like a marketing idea guaranteed to increase your sales? Would you like to stop people from shopping your product or service and losing business to your competition? Would you like to reduce the amount of rejection you're receiving? Would you like clients to understand they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying from you?

Then offer a guarantee on your product or service. This one marketing idea can increase your sales volume dramatically; however, few companies use it to their advantage. Look around your market and identify how many of your competitors are offering a guarantee. I'm willing to bet very few if any.

A guarantee will set you apart from your competition.

You need to promote your guarantee like any other benefit of your product or service. You need to put your guarantee in print. You need to put it on every ad, sales letter, free report, application, business card and every other piece of paper that finds itself in the hands of an existing or potential client.

You should be shouting it out for your whole market to hear.

How to Craft a Powerful Guarantee

Guarantee that your clients will be so thrilled (not just satisfied) with your product or service they'll want to share it with everyone they know. You need to offer an unconditional, money back guarantee.

When I talk about a guarantee, I want you to be specific and tell your customers exactly what you will do if they're not thrilled about your product or service.

What ever guarantee you offer you need to be willing to live up to your guarantee. People will be more likely to buy from you and less likely to shop around to your competition when you offer a strong guarantee. Offering a guarantee will prevent you from over promising and under delivering. If you do then you'll owe them. If you offer a strong guarantee you'll be held accountable for providing the quality of service in your guarantee.

You're probably thinking if I offer a guarantee I'll go broke. People will use my guarantee to get something for nothing. Part of this concern can be addressed by designing your guarantee to be specific about what you will deliver. Making it clear to your clients as to what they can expect from your product or service.

A second part to this concern is looking at things that you've purchased in the past that offered a guarantee. If your purchase didn't meet up to the claims that were made did you ask for your money back or did you just let it go? Statistically a very small percentage of purchasers will even take you up on your guarantee. However, that doesn't mean you should provide a worthless guarantee.

Are you still afraid that it will cost too much to give a guarantee?

It will cost you much more if you don't. If your competition gets wind of this idea and start offering a great guarantee, then your clients will be attracted to your competition and not to you.

Teaching useful marketing ideas is an important part of our sales training programs. A great marketing idea can provide you with new clients for years to come. and with out clients you have no sales.

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Jim Klein provides salepeople with effective strategies that attract new clients, build customer relationships, and increase sales, GUARANTEED.
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About assertiveness in men and women (Strong leader vs. Witch idea)...?

I just saw another post about men being considered strong leaders when they are assertive and women being considered bitches.

I was discussing this with my family a while ago and said that I tend to label a woman a "bitch" only when they add "insulting" and "condescending" to the mix. Otherwise I find them to be strong, respectable women.

Have you personally seen this double standard in your own lifetime? In particular, do you know of a situation in which you personally applied a different standard to women than to men in terms of assertiveness?
This is what I mean. Do you really hear people saying that about Hillary? Do you really hear people calling one person a bitch and another a strong leader merely on the basis of sex?

If so, give an example of a person you've heard say such a thing.

With Hillary Clinton when she is stressing a point. She is considered to be shrill. While a male politician is seen as forceful. Women are considered ballbreakers when they are adament about making their opinions known. Men are considered assertive.
I don't judge forceful women I think that they are autonomous.

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