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Offered here is a truly beautiful and unique addition to any meteorite collection.  This is an adamantine garnet in muscovite schist specimen from the famous Sudbury meteorite impact crater in Ontario, Canada. This is an impact created metamorphic rock!  When the giant impactor struck the Earth some 1.8 billion years ago, a giant crater was formed measuring over 130 kilometers in diameter.  Over the eons, the crater has gone through erosion, but it is still quite visible if viewed from above.  This is now one of Canada's richest mining areas for nickel and there are many mines within the structure.  In fact, many of the worlds nickel mining districts are in fact meteorite impact structures!
As the massive force which created this garnet were from an extraterrestrial meteorite, this is known as a cosmogenic rock.  Another name for is is shock-metamorphic. Some of you may remember the many beautiful specimens of this material I offered back in the 1990's. This is the last of that stock, so do no miss this chance! 

In addition to the large 18mm diameter garnet crystal encased within this schist, there is also a hollow "mold" from where another garnet was formed.  It nicely displays crystal faces!
The specimen will be safely shipped with a CoA.  This little gem displays beautifully and would make a wild and seldom-seen addition to any meteorite, tektite, or impactite collection!
Weight: 50.19 gramsSize: 72 X 38 X 18 mm
The white cube is one square centimeter and shown for scale.  It is included in the auction as a gift.
Do not miss this chance!  Please see my other auctions for other wonders from the universe!
Good Luck and Thanks for Looking!

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