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A .22 caliber RWS Super H Point air rifle pellet blew a huge chunk out of a dove... Why did it do this?

Compared to other .22 caliber pellets that I have tried,(beeman crow magnums,RWS Superdomes,Kodiak Extra Heavys,Gamo hunter,raptor,round,etc..)none have done such a number to a dove like the Super H Point in .22 caliber just did the other day... It's whole left upper side was gone,a red hole with pine seeds was in full view... Why did this pellet do such a large amount of damage compared to all of the other pellets I have shot doves with??? NOTE: It is is legal to hunt dove with an air rifle where I am from... Thanks for the information

Its a large caliber (for doves), light-weight, hollow-point/expanding type pellet that hit a small animal at (what from a magnum airgun would be) a high rate of speed. As a result it expanded agressively and made a large exit wound. The other pellets you described are heavier and are round nose/domed so they tend to simply penetrate without expanding.

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