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Brand New SVBONY SV105 Telescope Camera CMOS Electronic Digital Eyepiece for Telescope 1.25 inches Astronomy Camera Dynamic Observation for Beginner

Manufacturer model: EUF9159A

  • Plug and play ;windows system needs to download Sharpcap Capture; Linux system needs to download AstroDMx Capture; Mac system needs to download oaCapture; Android system needs to download USB Camera. real time dynamic observation by crystal clear image
  • Dark light compensation technology;greatly improve the camera's image clarity in low light conditions
  • Record 2K video at high speed;up to 30 frames per second at 1920x1080 resolution
  • Great for lunar and planetary shots;share the view of bright planets;the Moon and terrestrial targets;not suitable for deep space imaging
  • It can connect a 1.25 inch filter and the filter thread is M28.5x0.6;the new SV105 adds filter threads and dust shims


Product Description


SVBONY SV105 is a great way to get started with astrophotography;simply point your telescope at the Moon or a planet and record a quick video;and you will get a bright; clear image with the maximum amount of color and detail

When you using SV105 with your telescope. you need to adjust the telescope focus wheel. then you could check the image on the computer, if it clear or not.

NOTE:Nikon/Canon camera could auto focus. SV105 can't auto focus . you need adjust focus the telescope first, then you could see clear image

SV105 camera could work with Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS

SV105 is better work with telescope focal length in 400mm to 800mm. so If customer use a refractor telescope with 400mm to 800mm focal length work together with SV105, then they could see the clear image without any accessories.

If customer use a telescope with a 300mm focal length. that must be kids toy telescope. we don't recommend to work with SV105. Thanks.

If customer use a refractor telescope with over 1000mm focal length work with SV105, if observe the moon, then they could not see it clear. They need a focal reducer. if view the Jupiter or Saturn, should be larger magnification, they should buy balow lens to help. until reach the 300 times magnification power. then they will find the details of Jupiter or Saturn.

Remember the SV105 isn't zoom/ auto-focus camera. customers need more accessories to view the Saturn or Jupiter. of course they had a better telescope first.

The clarity of the image is also related to the customer's shooting environment and light pollution. experienced astronomers used softwares to edit the images captured by SV105, then the images will be much more clear.

Note:SV105 supported OS;Windows7;8;10

A little tip for you beginners. If you are shooting the moon; keep your gain lower and brightness down a little bit since the moon is closer and brighter. When shooting the planets; I would increase the gain and brightness since they are further away. 🙂 When taking pictures of the sun; make sure your telescope has the solar safety film needed

SV105 is just a tool with astrophotography. If you want to shoot planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, etc.The quality of the telescope you use needs to reach a certain level.

So the quality of your telescope is related to SV105 shooting effect.

Recommend SV105 Digital Camera for someone starting out in astro-photography

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How to Use SV105 Astronomy Camera

Adjust the telescope focus wheel well

Firstly, download the astronomy software 【sharpcarp】from the CD coming within the package. then install it as following the prompts. Or you could download the software from sharpcap site.

Secondly, Test the SV105 that connecting it to the computer by the USB cable coming within the package. There is no need install a driver. Because the SV105 is a standard UVC device, Windows 7 and newer operating system will automatically install the driver.

Thirdly,Check your computer 【Device Manager】, you will find the Camera 【SVBONY SV105】. It means the successfully connecting.

Fouthly, running the astronomy software【sharpcarp】as administator. enter the software and single click the 【camera】button, you will see 【SVBONY SV105】. Double click it, then you will see the image or some light on the screen, if all equpments work well.

Finaly, connect 1.25" SV105 electronic eyepiece to your telescope, then you could take photos on your computer and save the files. Also you could capture a vivid video. If you need change the specifications to make the images more beautiful as you need, manually adjust Gain, Contrast, Exposure Time, Frame rate and Color Saturation on the right side table

How to Clean the Dust

telescope camera

astronomy camera

astronomy camera cmos

Ensure the normarely night sky observing

In some countries where electricity is not sufficiently developed, SV105 with 2 USB connectors could also works well, it can ensure the normarely night sky observing

If the power not steable, then need you connect the sub-USB connector to your computer or a power hub, it will transport double electric current to make sure the SV105 eyepiece camera work normaly with enought electric power.

If you use a old version laptop. then the sub-USB should work

1.25" adapter barrel

SV105 telescope camera just replaces the eyepiece, for electronically enhanced viewing, or astrophotography. It would NOT work with most finder scopes that do not have a removeable eyepiece, or one that has an eyepiece smaller than 1.25"

Dark light compensation technology

The image processor uses dark light compensation technology to greatly improve the camera's image clarity in low light conditions.

By processing the image, the Record 2K video at high speed, up to 30 frames per second at 1920*1080 resolution, with a maximum frame rate of up to 200 frames per second (320*240)

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CMOS color sensor

For lunar and planetary imaging only. The moon, the sun and planets are the easiest objects to capture in the night sky making this camera great for beginners

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  • Pixel size: 3µm

  • Sensor: 1/3" CMOS OV2710

  • Resolution: 2 mega pixels 1080x1920

  • ADC: 10 bit

  • Power consumption: 150mA@5V

Compact and light weight

Sturdy metal design, compact, light weight and easy to use software make it very appealing for beginners.

SV105 camera is so light that you do not have to worry about balancing issues as you will with my DSLR making it perfect.

Package Includes

1 x Astronomy eyepiece camera

1 x 1.8m USB cable

1 x Cleaning cloth

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