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SVBONY SV172 Dew Heater Band for Telescopes, eyepieces, camera lens Dew Heater Strip astronomy


Excellent quality and highly effective fully standalone dew heater band with independent variable heat control adjustment. Features secure Velcro attachment with elastic ends to allow for some additional size flexibility. Use with a 5VDC power source completely on its own with full independent power control adjustment.


·Width:5cm ·Power:5VDC<10W ·Plugs:USB 3 lengths available: ·Length: 30cm For finderscopes, eyepieces, camera lenses ·Length: 40cm For 3" and 4" telescopes and camera lenses ·Length: 48cm For telescopes up to 6"

To calculate the length/s you require, simply run a tape measure around the entire circumference of the front of your telescope. Note that a heater band slightly longer than needed will still work effectively.

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