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SVBONY Telescope Lens 10mm Telescopes Eyepieces Wide Angle 62 Degree Aspheric Eyepiece Fully Coated lens for 1.25" 31.7mm Astronomic Telescopes

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Item Description

Size:10mm SVBONY 1.25" FMC 62-deg wide angle aspheric eyepiece is perfect for
broad field lunar observations;medium sized star clusters;cloudy nebulas and
deep sky targetsNew to star gazing and didn't know what you needed to satisfy
your needs;here is something that can help you make an educated
decision;things to consider:Make sure that you know your telescope;and how to
calculate the optimal magnification for the objects you wish to view;the
magnification equation:Magnification=objective focal length/eyepiece focal
lengthTypically;you do not want to exceed 50x per inch of your telescopes
diameter or your images will be blurry;for example, you have an 8" lens you
get 8x50=400xSo research what the best magnification is for the objects you
wish to view62 degree apparent field of view:Ultral wide angle for maximum
detail and definition across the entire field of view;gets a virtually
distortion free imageFully coated optical lenses:FMC glass optics increase
light transmittance;enhance details on jupiter;saturn;Mars;venus and get high
achromatic imagesThe structure of optical system:Aspheric eyepiece designed
primarily for planetary observation and deep sky objects tooStandard 1.25"
fitting diameter:Fits for the astronomical telescope with standard 1.25"
focuser;perfect for broad field lunar observations10mm focal length:Suitable
for lunar observation holes;look more closely and detailed at the moon's
surface and other planet;perfect for viewing the moon and
planetsApplaction:Watch the scenery;bright celestial observations;nebula;broad
field lunar observations;medium sized star clusters;cloudy nebulas and deep
sky targets;viewing the moon and planetsetc and so onPay attention:Don't look
directly into the sun;otherwise it will burn the eyesPackage include:1xSVBONY
10mm eyepiece

Main Features

  • Make sure this fits. by entering your model number.
  • Focal length:0.39";10mm;high magnifications;look more closely and more detailed at the moon's surface and other planet;perfect for viewing the moon and planets
  • Standard 1.25" fitting diameter compatible with any astronomical telescope with 1.25" focuser;perfect for broad field lunar observation;medium sized star clusters;and wide range of cloudy nebulas and deep sky targets
  • Field of view;62 degree suitable for broad field lunar observations;medium sized star clusters;and a wide range of cloudy nebulas and deep sky targets.Generally;when use the eyepiece observing celestial bodies;the telescopes and telescope eyepiece light reflection may led to halos
  • Fully coated eyepieces for higher magnification;give maximum detail and definition across the entire field of view;highly achromatic;planetary filters enhance details on jupiter;saturn;Mars and venus
  • Lifetime warranty;we confidently promise lifetime warranty for each one from us


Size: 10mm
MPN: 4331908632
UPC: 608560820573
EAN: 0608560820573

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