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Swarovski 604353 Habicht SL 8X56 waterproof fogproof, armored, used but like new.  Uses:  hunting, birding and astronomy.Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

The Swarovski Habicht (German for hawk) SL 8x56 are excellent binoculars.  Roughly comparable current Swarovski offerings which sell for over $2,000.  The SL 8x56 is optimized for light transmission.  They are excellent for low light use at dusk or dawn or even at night where the image is brighter than that of the naked eye. Viewing the moon through these is splendid but the image is too bright to be viewed comfortably for long. In part this is due to the Porro prism which is used which is generally considered better at light transmission rather than the roof prisms that are more common now. Porro prism can provide greater depth of field and a wider field of view than similar roof prism models. In part, this is due to the wide 56mm objectives.  And in part to the excellence of Swarovski's design and the extremely high quality glass used in lenses and prisms (BAK4 Barium Crown glass) . 

The 8x magnification and 56mm wide objectives is optimal for hunters, birders and astronomy and produce a exit pupil of ca. 7mm which is optimal even for the youthful eye (whose own maximum aperture I understand is ca. 7mm) in low light.  The armored polycarbonate casing is light and temperature resistant.  The rubberized openings are rugged.  The underside thumb indents make them comfortable to hold for long periods.
The Austria Swarovski Group has been manufacturing superb glass products for over a century, and has the royal patent ("By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen"). From message boards and chat rooms I have gathered that Swarovski's customer service is superb, providing cost-free maintenance and de facto a lifetime warranty.
These binoculars were given to me ca. 1990.  I am neither a birder, nor a hunter, and have used them occasionally for stargazing, probably no more times than I could count on the fingers of both hands. 

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