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Swift Spotting Zoom Scope 20x - 50x, 60mm Model 844 Used in Good condition.

This is the SWIFT brand MARK II ZOOM SCOPE Number 844. It has FULLY COATED lenses and for maximum light gathering and viewing clarity, it has a 60mm lens! That’s about 3” across!

This high-quality spotting scope has a metal body and even includes a screw on metal lens cap for maximum lens protection for that 60mm lens.

Rotation ring dial for the zoom feature (magnifies your view from 20x through 50x). And there is a Separate rotation ring dial for focus

Includes built in mount that can attach to your tripod.

(Tripod not included)

Please See photos

A quality, metal housing, spotting scope with adjustable ZOOM that can bring objects fifty times closer at this price is rare! This model includes the built-in lens shade that is extendable and retractable as needed.

NOTE: The length is 16”, but... when fully “zoomed” and with the lens hood fully extended, the total length is just over 19”.

PLEASE SEE PHOTOS, external finish does have some scratch marks.


Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

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