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THE UNIQUE EXTRAS: (1) RIGHT-ANGLE DISPLAY VIEWER. NO MORE CRANING OF NECKS!!!! I have attached a standard 90 deg camera-eyepiece viewer which acts like a star diagonal such that the LCD display is MUCH easier to see. This device could be dismantled in the very VERY unlikely event that you fail to appreciate the ENORMOUS help to the usability that it provides. The "bandages" are black insulating tape, easily removed if you want to dismantle. Not very elegant, but that doesn't worry us anoraks, does it?(2) SOLAR AUTOGUIDE ATTACHMENT. I have assembled a combination of a vintage 50mm screw mount lens plus two UV filters, and Baader Mylar Astrofilm (visual grade) sandwiched between them. The spur opposite the finder bears a standard 1/4 inch camera screw thread, needed for mounting as the solar unit carries its own objective and thus provides no support from this source,This enables the device to guide on the full disk of the Sun. The lens needs to be set at f/16~f/8 if I recall rightly. Try f/16first. The aperture ring is very mobile and needs securing with BluTak. There is a solar finder made from a film cassette. If you take off the filters, you can guide on the night-time Moon, which is how I designed, developed and tested the solar guider, before adding the Mylar. I found that the display  of the guiding field is anamorphic, such that the Sun is an ellipse! Interesting, but doesn't matter, a design feature of the guider that actually you don't need to know, and would not know about, unless you do crazy things like adapting it as a solar autoguider. The solar attachment simply screws on and unscrews so the autoguider can be quickly switched from night time use to solar guiding.There's bit of a knack in getting the solar guiding to work, but it does, I've managed it: the Sun is quite large in the field of view and needs to be carefully centred, so I'm pricing the kit as if that were a free extra. (If you want to dismantle it - it's easy. The exterior cladding is white insuklating tape and is in no way structural)The right angle viewer works superbly.  The flaw? The right angle attachment is connected via a short piece of rectangular-section aluminium tube (and you can see reflections of the LCD image - which don't matter - in the last photo. In making the right angle attachment I dropped a small blob of epoxy glue onto the extreme bottom right of the LCD display screen, the starfield side NOT the text side. It can hardly be seen with the attached right angle viewer on, and anyone using an autoguider will realise that this does NOT distract in any way from the correct operation. The display is ONLY needed to set up the guiding, and to monitor it to check it's working OK, and to lose a tiny corner of the starfield is no problem in operating the device.Most customers will know that the Skywatcher Synguider is identical to the Celestron Nexguide. Will post worldwide, I’m in the UK & will ship to all 60 countries on the USA & UK GSP lists except Russia. This is because Russia no longer allows private individuals to send parcels to private addresses in Russia. . Overseas buyers pay any taxes levied. But I can ONLY ACCEPT RETURNS FROM UK, EU AND EEA (I don't want to be stung for customs duties on my own return!)

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