porsche - 599 GTO
She strolling from 0 to help 100 Kmh in A few3 secondsthe woman reaching the 335 Kmh and she has just made a document for production cars at Fiorano.More than a vehicle is a symbol.Synonymous with passion for cars resistant to invasion of hybrid car and electrical ...
Your GTO is back as extensively announced by the quite a few photos on the web nevertheless only today this Ferrari reveals all of the technical details of the harder powerful Rossa and quicker than ever.This is adequate to do great scene- the new GTO is born at a rib of 599XX a race car reserved for unique customers for assessment and laps out of your race. A relationship in which results in the Fiorano keep track of lap record One minute and Twenty-four seconds and monster performance an acceleration 0-100 kmh in 3.35 along with a top speed exceeding beyond 335 kmh braking from 75 to 0 kmh inside 32.5 meters ten meters less than a regular car. As much as possible related to the 670 bhp as well as a weight at 1495 kilo a weight ratio of two.23 kghp.Impressive quantities that as anachronistic as a result of crisis times we are experiencing and the issues of smog-emissionsenergy consumptiontestify thankfully since the passion for the car still resists. Tasco 1605 And last but not least before the horrific Porsche hybrid electric or perhaps worse they however produce classic Rosse.
The identify has inspired and others the production will be just 599 customers that will purchase at a price of just over 300 thousand dollars.But here are the material that count- you can find carbon-ceramic brakes second generation lighter and more highly effective a new aerodynamics plus an electronic journal at length with the Virtual Competition Engineer VRE which convey constantly to the devices the level of performance acquired.Fine also the modifications to the design mostly because they did not have additional wings that are so unpleasant- many vents spread like seeds from the wind and ceiling painted in contrasting black.A clever method to highlight the part of the two aerodynamic fins and the great work of Pininfarina thepush down on this new Rossa reaches the value of 144 kilograms to 200 kilometre h. ..
Even so we speak of atmosphere intake as design elements is a bit wrong because were in the Ferrari as well as the vents are not utilised as do many other makers Aston Martin in the head to donames ... to play- you need to trendy to breathe and also a monster engine in which among other things to be authorized had to swallow two huge catalyst created by only slightly cheaper temperatures of Eight hundred degrees ... placed nearby the exhaust manifolds. We talk about 12 cylinders V Sixty-five to 5999 cm3 with 92 mm bore and cerebrovascular event of 75.A couple of mm from 670 horse at 8400 rpm blender way up even if the maximum torque of 620 Nm at Half-dozen500 rpm.With the record here is all brand new- fluid dynamics ingestion system manifolds ducts in addition to exchange. Many devilish were being held at bay by the deeply revised structure the adoption involving suspension control magnetorheological second generation by a F1-Trac extender control and specific tires 28530 front by a channel from Hunting for.5 back to 31535 on the channel from 14.5.Plus of course all the experience gathered in years of racing.Your competition at least for now is fixed ...
599 GTO technical specifications
Sizes AND WEIGHTTime-span 4710 mm 185.4 withinWidth 1962 mm 77.2 withHeight 1326 mm 42 tommers skrrrm.2 inWheelbase 2750 millimeter 108.3 inFront side track 1701 mm Sixty seven.0 inRaise track 1618 mm 63.7 inDried up weight 1495 kg 3296 lbsKerb weight 1605 kilograms 3538 lbsWeight submitting 47 front - 53 backsideFuel tank capacity 105 litres 27.Several US gal23.1 UKgalStart volume 320 litres 11.3 cu ft
ENGINEType V12 65Bore stroke 92 x 70.2 mm Three or more.62 x 3.96 inUnitary displacement 499.9 cc 30.51 cu inTotal displacement 5999 closed circuit 366.08 cu inData compresion ratio 11.A couple of-1Maximum electricity 500 kW 670 CV at 8250 rpmHighest torque 620 Nm 457 lbsft at 6500 rpm
GEARBOXF1 6-speed reverse
SuspensionsSCM2 - Magnetorheological Supension Control
Car tyresFront 28530 ZR20Rear 31535 ZR20
CARBON-CERAMIC WheelsFront 398 x Thirty-eight mm 15.Seven x 1.5 various inRear Three hundred sixty x 32 millimeter 14.2 by 1.3 with
ELECTRONIC CONTROLSCST along with F1-Trac Traction and balance controlTPTMS Tyre pressure in addition to temperature monitoring process
PERFORMANCEMaximum quickness over 335 kmh over 208 mph0-100 kmh 0-62 mph 3.27 sec
FUEL IngestionCombined cycle ECE- 17.5 l100 kilometer
CO2 EMISSIONSBlended cycle ECE 411 gkmEuropean version Tasco 1605 Introduction
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