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 meteorite tektite impact natural black indochinite Thailand space rock 

Quantity :    1 Pc 

Color :     Black Natural

Origin :    Thailand

100% Natural

 Remark: Some photoes are taken on mirror.Meteors are objects that are caused by a meteorite that hit the Earth. There are many names according to the origin and sightings, such as Ulukmanee Kaew, Phranakornsaray or Ploy, Chandrakasem, Mahidol, Kaew Dam, water droplets, or Mani Yat Fah. Alien and remade English is called Tektite, derived from the word Tektos in Greek, meaning melting.Some people believe that the properties of Meteors:-

The meteorite is called a stone that brings luck to those who have Can also Use to protect your black magic. Various ghosts cannot be used to fight. Is an object caused by natural phenomena There is a huge amount of accumulated energy Therefore may be called a powerful body When brought in by the correct process Thus allowing it to break down negative energy (All bad things) can be, and because it is an object that is completely black So it can Attracting good energy and also promoting (empowering) positive for other objects to be more powerful Is an object that is superior to any other object in the world That inspires good things to the possessor And also encourage life to grow Add charm to convince others to love and respect. 

Some people believe that tektite Is a source of power Urging awareness Causing precise recognition Profound if used when practicing mental meditation

Carrying with The body will increase the power around the aura. Causing the aura to be strong, stable, protecting and expelling the invaders Eliminate dispel bad things

There is a belief that storing meteorites in the house Will help prevent fire And various disasters

This black, glassy, ??rough shape.For strength, stability,   

Help remind the sweet memories of life


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