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Tele Vue 22mm Panoptic 1.25"/2" Telescope Eyepiece. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Im releasing this once cherished eyepiece because i learned Televue is not all it hypes itself to be.

Their eyepieces are horrible quality because they allow dirt particles to enter easily and ruin your photos and views of the Moon, where they are revealed. If looking at planets or stars, not noticeable.

Also the inner housing is shedding its skin into fine grain black dust.

i was told by televue to disassemble it to remove the lenses and wipe them but that didnt help.

overall, worst eyepieces in the planet. Celestron Xcel, Explore Scientific, and Meade never do this wild prank like occurrence of blemishes in my field of view.

So i left this eyepiece disassembled, but its a snap to put it back together. Televue will tell you how by phone.

I will say the secondary lens element is not level for some reason, but sitting at an angle in the housing. Not sure about that, but you can probably straighten it level again.

Its not hard to reassemble this eyepiece, i just didnt wanthg to mess with it anymore, frustrated at its horrible quality.

It can work as a great eyepiece if you find a way to clean it. Reassembling it is no problem.



chris grohusko of @elpasotelescopecafe on instagram and NASA APOD 9/15/2000.

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