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This is just a beautiful telescope.  Optics are clear and clean; collimation is spot-on.  I have used this for both visual and astrophotography and have gotten some great wide-field images with it, with pinpoint stars to the edge of the field, which is almost 3° at prime focus and will take in the entire Andromeda Galaxy, M31.
This is the original version of the Genesis, not the later SDF.  Cosmetically, the scope is beautiful.  Includes the clamshell for mounting, with two accessory slots (I had a finderscope in one and a guide scope in the other).  One of the slots has some scratches (pictured) that will be hidden if you put a finderscope like a Starbeam on it.  Also includes the upgraded Feather Touch dual speed focuser, which is MUCH better than the original focuser, which I no longer have.  And the diagonal is original Tele Vue (not marked as such, but it is the one that came with the Genesis), with hi-hat 2"-to-1-1/2" adapter.  This is the old style that just has set screws, no brass compression rings.  The dew shield is retractable and very smooth.

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