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MINT MINT CONDITION..  Used 4 times by me..  With the UTMOST care taken when handling it.. Never bumped, banged, or breathed on too heavily..
Some say with a 10" or 12" Dob this eyepiece with a good barlow is the one eyepiece that you can use effectively for most all of the common 110 most viewed objects.  I can attest to the magnification range.. Without a barlow in my 12" 12xxi  Saturn and Jupiter and Mars are beautiful..  M4, M5, M11,, and many others..    That is why I bought this particular one.. Beautiful eyepiece.   It is my only Top Quality piece. and I hate to sell it.. but money is tight.. so if I can sell it for a fair price I pretty much have to do it..
I will if I sell it have to live with my Baader 6-24mm zoon lens.. Very nice for a zoom.. 68 degree FOV..  but the Naglar up against the Baader.. No contest..  Quite the emmersive feeling with the Naglar.. The Baader is pretty much a static, but very nice view..   You will LOVE the Naglar..   Some say the only thing better in the same price range are the pentax "best" eyepieces.. But they are more money.. 7 to a 1000 bucks for a 12mm..   anyway.. 
I may change my mind though..   But if you do the pay it now, I won't back out of the deal..
FREE shipping to lower 48.. Other places I will ship but contact me for shipping costs..
Thank you

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