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I am the original owner of all the following equipment, which was purchased new by me from authorized dealers in recent years.  All equipment is in flawless, immalculate MINT unused condition, except in a very few minor instances where there are trivial, virtually unnoticable cosmetic flaws as specifically noted below.
Included in this listing are:
*TELE VUE NP101is 4"/101mm REFRACTOR OPTICAL TUBE ASSEMBLY.  540mm focal length, f5.4 APO.  Serial #1242.  Also includes Tele Vue Hard-Shell Padded Carry Case, Sliding Metal Dew Shield, Threaded Imaging Insert, Screw-On Metal Lens Cover, 2.4" Focusmate Dual-Speed (1:1/10:1) Locking Focuser, and Operating Guide personally autographed by Tele Vue CEO Al Nagler.  ($3795 B&H).  All equipment in Mint condition, without qualification.
*TELE VUE 60is 60mm REFRACTOR OPTICAL TUBE ASSEMBLY.  360mm focal length, f6 APO.  Serial #1015. Also includes Tele Vue padded nylon carry bag, sliding metal dew shield, screw-on metal lens cover, 2.0" Focusmate Dual speed (1:1/6:1) Locking Focuser, Dovetail Balance Bar, and Tele Vue 60is Operating Guide. ($1695 including field flattener, Scope City).  Please note that the 60is field flattener is NOT included in this listing.  If you wish to use the 60is for imaging purposes, rather than for wide-field observation, a field flattener specifically configured for the 60is objective can be purchased from Tele Vue (direct phone orders only) for $295 (ask for David).    All 60is equipment offered in this listing is in Mint condition (except the nylon carrying bag, which is in "mint minus" condition). 
*TELE VUE DSF-8002 EVERBRITE 2" 90 DEGREE STAR DIAGONAL ($280, High Point Scientific).  Note that this diagonal in the DSF-8002 configuration does NOT include the 1 1/4" hi-hat eyepiece adapter.  If required, it can be readily purchased separately..  With original end caps, instructions, packaging, and box.  Optics Mint, Machined Satin Black Aluminum Housing Near Mint (there is a trivial, virtually unnoticable pressure screw indentation on the inside front ring that is completely invisible once mounted). 
**TWO (2) TELE VUE QRB-1002 QUICK RELEASE FINDERSCOPE BRACKETS pre-mounted on Ring Mount, above ($40 each, B&H).  Mint.
*TELE VUE LCL-1069 LARGE FIELD CORRECTOR FOR NP101is OTA ($245, B&H).   Includes original caps, packaging, and box.  Mint.
*TELE VUE MRS-4011 4" OPTICAL TUBE ASSEMBLY RING MOUNT FOR 4" OTAs ($245, B&H).  With Instruction Sheet. Mint.
**TELE VUE ACI-0700 LOSMANDY G-11 MOUNTING ADAPTER (x2).  D-style dovetail used to mate Tele Vue rings to mounts with D style mount saddle.  ($69 x2, Skies Unlimited).  With Instruction Sheet.  Mint.
***SET OF THREE TELE VUE EXTENSION TUBES FOR 2.4" FOCUSER (TLD-1000 1.0", TLB-0375 0.375", and TLA-0250 0.250").  These are no longer available separately from Tele Vue but only as part of a set that also includes a fourth 0.500 Extension Tube and 2 spacer rings, which retails as a set for $135).    As I recall I paid about $35 apiece for each of my three tubes new.  All three tubes include their original boxes and packaging.  Mint.  
*TELE VUE X2C-0008 2" EXTENSION TUBE FOR 2" FOCUSERS ($65, B&H).  Includes original box and packaging.  Mint.
*TELE VUE X3C-0009 3.5" EXTENSION TUBE FOR  2" FOCUSERS ($65, B&H).  Includes original box and packaging.  Mint. 
*TELE VUE CWT-2070 CANON WIDE T ADAPTER W/ BAYONET MOUNT FOR 2.4" FOCUSER ($50, B&H).  Includes original box and packaging.  Mint.
*TELE VUE PTR-4201 4x POWER MATE T-RING ADAPTER ($57, B&H).  Includes original box, instruction sheet, and packaging.  Mint.
*TELE VUE QBT-1006 QUIK-POINT BASIC FINDERSCOPE ($24, B&H), with Instruction Sheet and new battery. Near Mint.  (Fits finderscope block already installed on Tele Vue 60is).  (I owned the vastly more expensive Tele Vue StarBeam for a time, and though beautifully engineered I found it somewhat fragile.  I actually prefer this disposably cheap Daisy-style sight for basic pointing purposes).
*TELE VUE PGC-1001 PIGGY-CAM PLATFORM FOR ATTACHING CAMERAS WITH 1/4"-20 THREADED TRIPOD SOCKETS TO TELESCOPES. (B&H, $65). With original box.  VG condition (trivial wear from the previous mounting of a camera).
Replacement cost new for everything listed above totals approximately $6800.  My asking price is slightly under 60% of retail, or $3995.  Reasonable Best Offers will also be considered.
Shipping is an additional $150 by USPS Priority Insured to any U.S. Address.  Shipping will be in multiple boxes, and very securely protected against the possibility of damage.  Overseas shipping is also possible, but please inquire for an at-my-cost quote before purchasing!
Any buyer with a U.S. address paying my full asking price of $3995 will receive FREE priority insured shipping (please wait for my invoice before paying).
Please check my 100% eBay Seller Feedback, and buy with confidence.

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