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Tele Vue TV-85 85mm f/7 APO Doublet Refractor Telescope Ivory  (BUNDLE)

  • 85mm Apochromatic Doublet Refractor OTA

  • 600mm Focal Length, f/7 Focal Ratio

  • Index-Matched Broadband Optical Coatings

  • 2" Dual-Speed Rack-and-Pinion Focuser

  • Compact Design: 19" Long, 6-Pound Weight

  • OTA Only - Mount and Tripod Required

  • Custom Soft Carrying Case

  • B&W (Germany) F-Pro Filter


Thread 77mm

After years of R&D they have developed a new solar film that has the optical quality of glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer. Will never develop pinholes or scratches that can let in light and ruin a filter. Other advantages: lightweight and does not require re-balancing tube assembly, will not break, consistent yellow-orange solar image, even density with any aperture, flat surface compared to other thin film filters that have wrinkles and creases. Will not tear or puncture. Stronger than any other solar film on the market.

Tele Vue Starbeam Red Dot Finder

Viewed straight through, you see the natural sky with a 10 arc-minute (1/3 Moon diameter) "red-star" showing your scope's position. When your scope is pointed high, flip the mirror into position for more comfortable viewing. Viewed this way, the sky orientation matches a refractor or SCT's image. The size, color, adjustable brightness and blink-rate of the "red-star" makes it easy to see against any twilight to dark sky background.

With its 39mm aperture, the projected image is easily seen any distance behind Starbeam, whether 2 inches or 2 feet! The finely made glass lens acts as a beam splitter to combine the natural sky background with the superimposed red pointing "star." The first lens surface acts as a collimating mirror so the "red-star" stays stationary against the sky background regardless of how it is viewed. It's 6-arc-minute accuracy over any eye position allows you to pinpoint objects -- even with high-power eyepieces in the telescope. A compensating curve is designed into the second lens surface to provide the normal sky background view and is multi-coated to eliminate double images.

Elegant in design and form, Starbeam is custom machined completely from aluminum and then black anodized, even down to the "push-pull" thumb screws. No tools are required to align Starbeam with your telescope. Mounting hardware included.

This Starbeam model has a dovetail bar and mounting bracket that fits the rear cell of any 8" or larger SCT. The bar and bracket are also sold separately so any Starbeam owner can adapt the uniquely accurate, large aperture 1x finder to SCT models.


The Vernonscope 2" Wave Quartz Star Diagonal is composed of a 99% reflective mirror that is considered one the best in the world because of the Zygo interferometer. The Vernonscope has silver as a coating, which is more reflective than aluminum. And with the 1/20th wave flatness or's a great combination. Beautiful construction, baffled well.

Tele Vue 4mm DeLite

  • 1.25" barrel format; 62° apparent field of view

  • 4mm focal length with generous 20mm eye relief

  • Sliding, locking eyeguard, and Dioptrx-ready

  • Parfocal within series and with many other Tele Vue eyepieces

Just as Tele Vue's Delos eyepieces were developed based on their Ethos eyepiece design advancements, DeLite is the logical step toward a smaller, more economical and lightweight version of Delos. Named DeLite because that best describes the viewing experience, the name also recognizes TeleVue designer Paul Dellechiaie's work.

The DeLite eyepieces have a 1.25" barrel and provide a 62° apparent field of view. DeLite eyepieces retain the pure optical quality of Delos along with 20mm eye-relief, unique sliding, locking eyeguard, and are Dioptrx-ready. All DeLite models are parfocal with Tele Vue's 1.25" Plossl, Panoptic, Nagler, and Delos eyepieces.

The DeLite series is a delightful addition to Tele Vue's visionary line of eyepiece developments.

Manufacturer part number EDE-04.0.

Tele Vue 5mm DeLite

  • 1.25" barrel format; 62° apparent field of view

  • 5mm focal length with generous 20mm eye relief

  • Sliding, locking eyeguard, and Dioptrx-ready

  • Parfocal within series and with many other Tele Vue eyepieces

Manufacturer part number EDE-05.0.

Note: This bundle originally cost $4500.

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