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In good cosmetic and working condition.

TeleVue AP102/877 telescope:

The TeleVue 102 is a classic apochromat doublet telescope made to the highest standards.
With an aperture of 102mm and a focal length of 877mm, it is ideal for
all astronomers who are looking for an apochromat that can be flexibly
built onto.

Even at the highest magnifications (around 300X) this instrument produces an image with extremely low chromatic aberration, although there is also no field curvature correction (as compared to the more expensive NP101 for example).

When used with a 55mm Ploessl, for example, it shows a respectable 3° field of view of the sky,
all at 16X magnification. Thanks to the long focal length, moderate
eyepieces are sufficient to give maximum magnification for planetary

The TV 102 also provides a good image when used for
astrophotography: images at F8.6 are sharp, slight blurring at the edge
of the field of view can be expected however, due to the image
curvature. With the help of a focal reducer (at 6.88), as well as the
use of a field flattener (0.8 L - see accessories) however, this effect
can be compensated for.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • versatile, expandable apochromat
  • suitable for astrophotography
  • sharp, low chromatic aberration image


2" Everbrite Diagonal

AVT1011 Dovetail Bar and clamshell ring

SN 1030

Focus Lever

2" & 3.5" Extension tubes

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