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Telescope Camera 1.3MP Image Sensor USB Electronic Eyepiece Digital Lens O O4T5

Application scope Telescope and microscope
Function: The image of the microscope or astronomical telescope is transmitted to the computer through the electronic eyepiece for screenshots, videos, storage, and post-processing or sharing on the Internet.
Real pixels, metal case, cost-effective, drive-free, most computers can be used after plugged in. If you need screenshots, videos, etc., you can leave a message to our email address, and we will transmit a Chinese processing software online to make this electronic eyepiece even more powerful ~
Chip pixels: 1.3 million pixels
Resolution: 1280 * 960, 1280 * 720, 800 * 600, 640 * 480, 352 * 288, 320 * 240, 176 * 144, 160 * 120
Frame rate: 30 frames / second
Computer interface: USB interface
Driver software: WINDOWS driver-free
Material:Aluminum alloy
size:Product size: 54 * 44 * 44mm
Microscope interface: 0.91 inch (about 23.2mm)
Telescope interface: 1.25 inches (about 31.7mm)
Chip size: 0.22 inches
Package Contents:
1 * electronic eyepiece
1 * microscope interface
1 * Telescope Interface Adapter
1 * Shading ring
After the object can be clearly seen by the eye, after inserting the electronic eyepiece, the lower focal length needs to be adjusted again. Due to the characteristics of the product, the field of view of the electronic eyepiece is as wide as the eye. Just like our human eyes and camera shooting, the principle of the field of view of ordinary cameras is the same as the wide field of vision of our eyes.

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