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A system supports multiple configurations:   1. 5-round filter disc, LRGB+Ha filter is recommended;   2, 7 rounds of filter disc, it is recommended to choose LRGB+Ha/SII/OIII filter;   3. Generally, the aperture of the corresponding filter wheel is selected according to the camera size. The large-size filter wheel is compatible with the small-size chip, while the small-size filter wheel is incompatible with the large-size chip (dark corner will appear).   4. 1 inch =25.4mm;   5. Filters are generally round, unless SQ is specified, and square in size, e.g. 50mm SQ=50*50mm;   6. 1.25", 2" is the size of the mirror ring, but the effective aperture will be smaller than marked;   7. Note 2"/50mm means that 2" ultrathin filter or 50mm frameless filter can be used;   8. After using the filter wheel, the influence of optical path difference generated by the filter should be considered;

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