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There are many reasons for choosing to buy Stiener Binoculars. Firstly they are the best, as Steiner specializes only in binoculars, cameras, scopes, with high quality optics, and special lenses. They are innovative, and have fifty years of success behind them. Steiner innovations include:

Binoculars with rubber-armored surface

Special optical coating to protect against UV radiation

Compact binoculars to fit in your pocket

The first binocular with an integrated compass

The new Predator lens coating to increase contrast against wooded backgrounds

Today Steiner makes binoculars for the military, birding and wildlife, sports, hunting, outdoor, astronomy, marine, and all leisure activities.

Where to buy Steiner Binoculars:

Buying binoculars, scopes, or any other optical instrument is simple, as they are available in most sports, fitness and gun shops, Wal-mart, and online. You can visit the Steiner website at any time to find a dealer located near you.

Whether you need waterproof binoculars, a telescope, a wide field or view, night vision, or a zoom binocular, the Steiner online buying guides will help you understand binoculars and how they work.

You will find it easy to choose according to what you will be using the binocular for. Just visit the website store home page, and click on the drop down boxes. You can even download pdf documents, to read at your leisure.

Other reasons to buy Stiener Binoculars are their first class customer service, the Steiner guarantee, and the fact that they have their own service center, if you experience a problem with your binocular.

The main reason to choose Steiner binoculars is the product itself. Lets take a few:

The Steiner Predator

This range of binoculars is available in the following sizes, 10x42, 8x22, 10x26, 8x30, 12x40, 10x50, and 12x50. They are ideal for wildlife, and as hunting binoculars, as the special lens coatings make animals easier to see.

The 10x40 and 8x30 Predator Pro binocular features Steiner's Sports Auto Focus, which only has to be set once to give an incredible field of view.

The Steiner Nighthunter XP

There are two in this range, the 10x50 and 12x56. They are made for better night vision, as they give unparalleled low light performance. These waterproof binoculars have a special coating on the outer objective lenses, which reduces moisture from the surface of the lens.

The porro prism design allows for a greater depth of field, and the sports Auto-Focus system, keeps objects in focus from twenty yards to infinity. You can set your focus in twilight, and know it will remain constant in low light conditions. There is a thirty-year warranty.

Military/Marine Binoculars

These are an excellent range, and you can choose from models that have a wide range of uses, including boating and water sports, forestry, for hunting or spotting wildlife. These waterproof binoculars, all have a ten-year warranty, and Steiner's Sports Auto-Focus system. These binoculars with rubber-armored shell look like those built for military use, and have long eye relief, good image brightness, and wide field of view.

A new addition to this line is the compact 10x42 military binocular. Steiner has built a new universal reticle system into the roof prism binocular. It also features an ergonomically designed housing, and a special rubber-armored covering.

The reticle focus has a diopter adjustment on the eyepiece, and there is a left side diopter adjustment for image focus, as well as a centre focus wheel. There is also a built in tripod mount.

Whether you buy hiking, birding, or hunting binoculars, you will want to keep them close at hand. This is easy to do if you have the new shoulder harness from Steiner, with its exclusive Clic Loc system. The elastic straps crisscross your back to evenly distribute the weight of the binocular, and eliminate any movement.

I am sure you will agree that there are many good reasons to buy Steiner Binoculars and accessories.

Buying quality binoculars takes time and patience. It is necessary to find good quality information on the different types and models of binoculars available.

if i have a refractor telescope with a 76mm objective (3) in. lens, and 700 mm focal length, what...?

power x would the eyepiece be? its said something to the effect of an h-20 and a sr-4 type, would it be a 35x eyepiece or what?????
and is there a decimal number, exsample "1.75", that goes along with the x magnification power of the eyepiece?

Most probably you have two eyepieces. One is a 20mm which gives you a 35 times magnification. The other one is a 4mm which gives you a 175 times magnification - this is the upper limit for this telescope for planetary observation anyway.
The eyepieces are not labeled with their respective magnification factor, because the magnifications depends on the focal length of your telescope front lens (in your case 700mm)
Magnification = Telescope focal length divided by eyepiece focal length
For your telescope it would be nice to add a third eyepiece of 9mm focal length, which would give you a magnification of 78 times.
You you would have a good range 35x - 78x -175x

There is nothing like a "1.75". If you read something like 1.25 then it is the mechanical diameter (in inches) of all your eyepieces that will fit into your telescope.

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