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I used 2 telescopes on this portable observatory, Meade 6'' refractor and a 12 inch Meade 850 Schmidt (Large Telescope-Heavy). In my opinion you spend a fortune on your telescope to rarely use it. This is why I created the garage observatory. You can setup your telescope in your garage, or room and wheel it outside. Then this is where it gets good. It has hydraulic lifts and then you use the set of set-screws(polar align like I did for pictures or computer viewing) to level your scope and raise the hydraulics up and you are now free to view.

This is worth as much as your telescope and you will get 10 times more viewing in. You just keep your telescope on this mount permanently and covered and wheel in and out with ease.

"No More SETUP, TEARDOWN, and REDO it all over again. Setup it up once and take it out at nights with ease. THE BEST ITEM for Large Telescopes with easy setup times.

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