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Telescope Lifting Column

had this lifting column custom made for us by a company in China this past
year. We thought it would solve a problem we had with a scope in our public
observatory, but we ended up finding a much easier solution than lifting the
scope and mount (swapping out the two scopes on their concrete piers). So, I'm
selling it.

The column has a lifting capacity measured in Newtons: 1500 of them, which
translates to about 150kg, or 330 pounds. It travels from a minimum height of
17.75 inches to a maximum of 33.5 inches, for a total lift of 15.75 inches. For
folks who might switch out different scopes (refractor to a reflector or CAT)
or for people sharing the view with kids, this column would be very helpful. The
dimensions of the narrow end are 5.75 inches x 7 inches, and the wider end is
7.5 x 8.75 inches. The column is not considered waterproof but is sealed to the
point of being highly dust resistant (I can look up more detail on that if
someone wants me to). In the photos, we have the column shown with the narrow
end on top, but in use it would actually be better to have the wider end up,
since this would help keep dew out.

It is natively a 24v DC device, so my son and I made a controller for it that
converts it to the much more common 12v DC power typically used for scope
equipment. The NewMar converter provides up to 15 amps, far more than the 5
amps the column calls for. Since the column will only be used for several
seconds each time it is activated, even a small 12vdc power source will be

We are hoping to get no more than all the components would cost to buy
separately, plus a bit for our labor in making the converter/controller: $650.
This is about ¼ the cost of a PierTech II, which has close to the same
specifications (the PT-2 lifts 215 pounds 20 inches). Of course, the PT-2 comes
with support from a well-regarded company, and this is a one-off. But this one
also has a shorter footprint and a higher weight-lifting capacity.

I have not actually used this lifting column under the stars with a telescope,
but have tried my best to see whether it lifts straight. I cannot guarantee
that it will preserve arc-second class polar alignment, but it is extremely
tight in its construction: there is no 'slop'. So it may well maintain accurate
alignment well enough for astrophotography, and will definitely work more than
fine for visual use.

Finally, this thing is heavy. The column itself weighs 44 pounds (20
Kg), and will need to be shipped separately from the control box we made, since
I’ll ship it in its original box and there’s no room for the controller. So to be clear: there will be two boxes. Shipping
will be expensive. Ebay’s shipping calculator is not always accurate, so if the
actual cost is less, I’ll refund the difference, if the cost is more, I’ll
cover it.

would also be happy to drive a long way to bring it to a buyer, as long as they
were willing to pay for my gas, at 15 cents per mile (each way). I live in
Galesville, Wisconsin, for anyone who might want to do some figuring.

Thanks for looking!



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