Bushnell Telescope: Three Wonderful Offerings That Incorporate Cutting Edge Technologically Advanced Features

Before selecting a Bushnell telescope makes sure that you are sure about the target object that you wish to seek out in the heavens, and tailor this with your own individual experience. Your Bushnell telescope should be able to allow you to view almost all night sky objects if it has the proper aperture, which should be the maximum possible.

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New in Box Bushnell Astronomical Telescope with Tripod Model Rotary Power 565X

25d 15h 47m remaining

Bushnell Deep Space 78 9003 76mm Newtonian Telescope

$54.99 (1 Bid)
7h 42m remaining

Bushnell NorthStar 78 7880 Refractor Telescope Computerized Star Locator

$59.99 (1 Bid)
8h 38m remaining

Bushnell Voyager 70mm 117 with Sky Tour Refractor Telescope

7d 15h 40m remaining

Bushnell Northstar 3 Talking Reflector Telescope Part 788831

28d 4h 13m remaining

Bushnell Northstar 3 Talking Reflector Telescope

22d 20h 32m remaining

Bushnell Deep Space 525 x 3 Reflector Telescope

12d 15h 34m remaining

Bushnell 78 8831 North Star Go To 525 X 3 Reflector Telescope w Real Voice

7d 11h 14m remaining

Bushnell Deep Space 78 9512 60mm Refractor Telescope

5d 2h 20m remaining

Bausch Lomb Zoom Telescope 78 1600 The Discoverer 60mm Bushnell

10d 17h 40m remaining

Bushnell Northstar 45 Talking Reflector Telescope

6d 5h 48m remaining

Bushnell Voyager Telescope New in Box 78 9470

7d 8h 51m remaining

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Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope
List Price: $169.95
Sale Price: $139.99
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Bushnell Astronomical Voyager with Sky Tour 700mm x 60mm Refractor Telescope
Sale Price: $136.00
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Bushnell Deep Space 525 x 3" Reflector Telescope
Sale Price: $54.99
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Bushnell Northstar 1300 x 100mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope with "Go To" Computerized Star Locator and Real Voice Output (788840)
List Price: $466.18
Sale Price: $429.85
You save: $36.33 (8%)
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Bushnell 78-9512 Deep Space 420 x 60mm Refractor Telescope
List Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $29.99
You save: $100.00 (77%)
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Select The Proper Size Of The Objective Lens, Or Mirror

Your Bushnell telescope size will depend on a large extent on the size of the objective lens or mirror, which means that you must select the model that is not too heavy to manage, and also not too complicated while setting up. This is especially important when you consider that your Bushnell telescope must also be very portable.

Bushnell Goto 4.5 Inch Reflecting Telescope

Choose the refractor carefully because they are what makes viewing the moon and planets easier, and the correct refractor will help the first-time observer as well as novice astronomer tremendously, especially if the refractor is small as well as lightweight and is also portable and does not require much maintenance work. You should also add high-quality accessories to your Bushnell telescope in order to get increased magnification, or even to help in photographing objects in the night sky.

You can choose from NorthStar, Voyager Sky Tour, and Harbor Master models that have different features such as the "talking" high power reflector NorthStar telescope that gives the amateur a state-of-the-art computer-driven location as well as a tracking capability that can be operated using simple push-button controls. Some of the salient features of this Bushnell telescope include 1.25 inch eyepiece, Red Dot LED finder scope as well as a remote hand-held control module.

Another wonderful offering from Bushnell, as far as telescopes are concerned, is the Voyager Sky Tour telescopes, which will help maximize your viewing pleasure. This Bushnell telescope would make an ideal first-telescope, which will provide the amateur astronomer with pro-grade audio viewing of the night sky.

The third offering from Bushnell Telescopes is named the Harbor Master, which is a classic telescope with elegant design features. This is a hundred percent modern and high-powered telescope that provides brilliant images as well as astoundingly sharp resolution.

All in all, Bushnell telescopes are a product brought to you by one of the industry leaders in telescopes that believes in giving customers the highest quality as well as reliable and affordable telescopes. These are backed by a commitment to serve the customer well through their strong retail outlets. With a focus on exploring emerging technologies, you can be sure that Bushnell Telescopes will always be in touch with the latest technological offerings, which is why Bushnell has received great recognition as well as being reputed to be among the best in making sports and telescope products.

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