United states artistic gymnast Shawn Johnson was born on January Nineteen 1992 in Gulf Des Moines Iowa to Doug and Teri Johnson. Shawn is the 2009 Olympics balance beam rare metal medalist the indivudual all-around silver medalist the particular 2007 all-around World Safe bet and the 2007 as well as 2008 US all-around champ.
Johnson first started gymnastics at the age of about three when her mom and dad noticed her climbing up cabinets and also jumping off of furniture. At the age of half a dozen she was one of the primary students when Liang Chow popped a gymnastics university in Des Moines.
Velupe attends Valley High School in West Des Moines Iowa entering the 2008-09 university year as a jr ..
Unlike most high level gymnasts who train Forty hours a week and have private tutors Manley trains 20-25 hours per week and is a A Recognize Roll at the womans public high-school and goes to many extra-curricular activities. Telescope parts metal focusers for refractors
3 stuff you should know about Shawn Manley

1. She does not believe in lucky expensive jewelry
2. Her initially car was a 1996 Jeep
3. She has a framed Wheaties box with the autographs regarding Atlantas Magnificent Seven.

Shawn Johnsons Career

Junior Occupation- 2007 Season- Brown qualified to Junior Global Elite status on her behalf first attempt. She first attracted widespread attention at the 2006 U.S. Timeless where she put 3rd in the freshman division.
By 2008 Johnson was completely ready with new skills. Your woman won the 2006 U.S. Senior National All-Around Championship which has a score higher than the senior elite opposition that year.
Senior citizen Career- Johnson inserted the senior department in 2007 and also continued to showcase new skills. She played at the 2007 Tyson National Cup winning your all-around title over teammate Natasha Kelley. Brown also competed from the 2007 Pan National Games winning a number of gold medals in the staff finals the individual all-around and the harmony beam and bumpy bars finals and the magic in the floor exercising final.
Johnson gained the all-around at the 2007 Visa U.S. National Championships conquering two-time National Champion Nastia Liukin simply by more than five details.
Johnson represented the particular U.S. in the 2007 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships the place that the U.S. won.
2008 Olympic Season- For the 2008 Olympics with Beijing Johnson competed in all four events in the team competition the location where the United States won the particular silver.Johnson additionally won the sterling silver medal in the individual all-around competition receiving a score of 62.725. The lady won the sterling silver in the individual floors exercise. She do however win rare metal in the individual stability beam exercise.

A Time In The Life Of Shawn Smith

7-30- Manley arrives at school in order to complete homework she failed to get done the night prior to.
8-30- Institution starts.
12-00- Johnson leaves classes to have lunch with your ex father.
2-25- Johnson leaves with regard to gym practice
S.S. If you learned one thing about Shawn Velupe...

She said shed never trade any of her Olympic silvers for rare metal.

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