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Telescope pointing ... -use your Laser Pointer with this eyepiece adapter
“Find a need and fill it “

Have you ever tried to aim your telescope at a star that is clearly seen, when your finder scope is not yet set up and you can’t seem to find the star in the main telescope eyepiece… Of course you have.

Now a solution…

Pictured above is the newly created Eyepiece  Laser Adapter.

You probably already have a green laser pointer that you use to point out objects in the sky. (laser pointer NOT provided in this offering) and no. not the telescope either 

This adapter allows your laser pointer to be placed in the eyepiece focus tube and when turned on will follow the optical path of the main telescope and point to the object in the sky. Now it is easy to set your finder scope or your mounted laser or your red dot finder to the same object and enjoy the rest of the night.
It consists of a PVC pipe that has been turned to 1 1/4 inch diameter to fit into your eyepiece holder.
There is a rubber block inside that the laser pointer can be pressed into to hold firmly.
Position your laser pointer so that the pushbutton switch is in the clear space.  Simply rotating the laser so the button presses against the inner shell of the pipe turns it on.  Turn the opposite way to turn off.
You may notice that the laser is mounted in the tube off-center, so that when the beam comes out it will miss the secondary mirror and point to the sky, as seen above.
The eyepiece laser adapter goes into the focus tube in place of the eyepiece.

CAUTIONAlways use your lasers responsibly(laser pointer NOT provided in this offering)

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