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The first step in choosing a astronomy telescope for child is to know where to go to buy a astronomy telescope for child. Attention spans of young kids don't last for long. So buying a big astronomy telescope or a astronomy telescope with lots of astronomy telescope parts may not be the best option. You also need to make sure that the astronomy telescope is suited for children.

Lots of things to consider! However, there are many options in getting a astronomy telescope for child. The main part of what you want to make sure of, is to get the best astronomy telescope for child that will help him or her have a hopefully life long and fulfilling hobby with astronomy and looking at the stars.

I remember my novice telescope was a department store astronomy telescope. The quality of the astronomy telescope was not much to admire. However, this astronomy telescope was great in igniting my fascination with looking up at the heavens. Though that astronomy telescope was no use to look at anything outside our solar system, the astronomy telescope did help me see the moon, and give me the drive to continue my astronomy hobby till adulthood, where now I have a very nice astronomy telescope and much more powerful then that novice telescope. I have to admit that without that low quality toy department astronomy telescope, I would very likely not have had such a long fascination with astronomy.

My biggest suggestion I can give you however, is if your child is slightly older, consider binoculars instead. The reason being is that one of the biggest frustrations with astronomy is that you get a astronomy telescope which is precise, however, is not one of the best objects for learning where things are in the sky. An aeroplane is great, but without knowing where things are in the world, it would be almost impossible to set forth with a sense of direction.

You may be wondering how good a set of binoculars can be. A set of binoculars offers 2 benefits. One is that it allows seeing land objects and also seeing constellations. A good set of binoculars is much cheaper then a astronomy telescope has good optics and coupled with a good astronomy book, can teach your child about astronomy. This is much better then getting a cheap astronomy telescope for child, which could work against there long term desire at continuing astronomy as a hobby.

However, both options do have there benefit, again it depends on the age of your child. Astronomy at any rate needs patience. Another alternative is astronomy telescopes such as Meade's computerized range of astronomy telescopes. These astronomy telescopes do have the benefit of being easy to use, already has a database of all the stars, and with the push of a button will move to find the object ready for viewing!

For a purist kind of view, a computerized astronomy telescope does not offer the benefits of learning where things are in the sky. The computerized astronomy telescope is a astronomy telescope for child which can be of great value. Especially considering the ease with which to find objects in the night sky. It is as simple as choosing an object to view, keying in the code, and let the astronomy telescope move about to find the object.

Buying a astronomy telescope for a child can be as easy as going to a local department store selling toys and the odd astronomy telescope. However, that is not always the best option, it all depends what you want to accomplish. To set a child on a lifelong hobby with astronomy is to consider the binoculars, however, a computerised astronomy telescope for a child can be as good, by allowing the child the easy ability to key in the object whether Saturn, Mars or Pleiades and have it at once whisked into view.

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Anyone have any revolutionary ideas on building a telescope that can image planets in other solar systems?

At the rate they are going we are never going to see exo planets, its time we figure out a whole new way of collecting light

Very Large Telescope Interferometers are already being built and tested even as you ask that question. See links. Such telescope arrays are capable of optically resolving Jupiter-sized planets at distances of 10 parsecs. Theres is no reason why further improvement in visible light acuity cannot be achieved, particularly with proposals for telescope arrays in space. We should someday be able to view extrasolar planets with the same clarity as we view our own planets from Earth with ordinary telescopes.

The basic idea behind such telescope interferometer arrays is to create a "synthetic aperture" far larger than any one single telescope can practically by built. In optics, resolving power is limited by the width of the aperture, not the area, so the idea is to have a wide array of telescopes which light is collected and combined inteferometrically to produce sharp images.

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