Telescope Tripod

People with eyeglasses use binoculars to magnify their views and thereby see an object more clearly. Binoculars generally have rubber rims around the eyepiece. This prevents binoculars from scraping the eyeglass lenses. Good quality binoculars commonly have only one lens.

Binocular telescopes or binoculars, also known as field glasses, give a three-dimensional view of the target object. Binoculars consists of two similar telescopes especially designed to fit the eyes. The telescopes are mounted onto a single frame.

These gadgets are designed to be used with both eyes open. There's no need to close one eye. This is a convenient tool to those who love the outdoors. The hunters, astronomers, boaters, sports enthusiasts, leisure travelers and fishermen will all find binoculars very handy and useful.

High quality is usually equated to the brand name. They are trusted manufacturers receiving excellent reviews. Check the manufacturer of the pair of binoculars you intend to buy. Popular brands include:

• Minox

• Spion

• Minolta

• Celestron

• Swarvoski

• Steiner

• Nikon

• Pentax

Different types of binoculars have different types of lenses. Consider this when purchasing a binocular. Choose one that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Different types of Binoculars

- Compact binoculars - These small and portable binoculars are ideal for theater-viewing like the opera. It is also okay for hiking, hunting and other field trips.

- Standard binoculars - These gadgets are best used in outdoor activities like bird-watching, hiking, and watching spectator sports.

- Giant binoculars - These big and bulky binoculars are ideal for home use as a telescope (viewing the sky or moon) or for traveling while inside your vehicle.

- Stabilized binoculars - These high-powered binoculars use stabilizing technology that renders a clear image even with shaky hands.

- Zoom binoculars - The zoom binoculars specialize in enlarging objects quickly and efficiently, even at a great distance.

- Waterproof binoculars - These tools are safe underwater, perfect for marine use or beach activities.

- Digital camera binoculars - This new technology can capture and save a picture of the object viewed in the binoculars. They are not suited for astronomy use due to the compromised optics quality.

- Orca Navigator binoculars - This is the perfect binoculars for nature lovers. It is fog-proof, all-weather, very durable and waterproof. It has a fully coated lens for highest resolution viewing. The housing is covered with dry nitrogen gas.

- Barska Optic Gladiator 10-30x50 Zoom Binoculars - This also a zoom lens but with high quality coated magnification optics for sharper and crisper images. It also has a shock absorbing rubber handle and tripod. They are perfect for outdoor activities and sports events.

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Starter's Telescope Query?


I am about to buy a basic telescope. It has the following details...

The refractor telescope features a precision optical glass lens with a maximum magnification of 288x when using the lenses, a diameter of 50mm and a focal length of 600mm. The convenient carry case protects all the pieces including a 1x erecting eyepiece, 4.3x Barlow lens, diagonal viewer, 2 interchangeable eyepieces (9mm and 18mm), 6x 25mm finderscope, 36" adjustable aluminum tripod, 26" telescope tube.

Please let me know, What all can be seen clearly from this telescope and should I actually buy it or not.


Vishy -

In my humble opinion, you should learn more about scopes before buying one. You should know why you want the specific one you are buying. Here are several clues that imply to me that this is not a very good investment:

1. It mentions magnification in the first line of the specification. That is always a dead giveaway that the scope is little more than a toy. 288X is a level of magnification that amateurs rarely use, because it is hard to find objects and even harder to keep them in focus and centered in the field of view. I do most of my viewing using 70 - 140x with excellent eyepieces and a solid mount, but magnification is NOT important.

2. Aperture IS important. They do not even refer to it as aperture, perhaps because their primary lens is actually considerably smaller than the 50 mm "diameter" that they are quoting. Even if they do reach a 50 mm aperture, you would see more and find it easier with a decent set of binoculars.

3. An erecting eyepiece does nothing for an amateur astronomer except put more glass in the way. The only reason to buy such an item is if you are going to use it for bird watching / terrestrial viewing.

4. A Barlow on such a scope as this would be entirely useless and would find more appropriate use as a decorative plant stand or pencil holder.

5. A 26 inch long scope on 36 inch adjustable aluminum legs would wobble in the slightest breeze. Finding anything at all would be an exercise in frustration, and keeping it centered as the earth rotates would be impossible (at 288x, you would lose your target in less than 30 seconds).

What could you see? Craters on the Moon, rings of Saturn (in another year or so when they start to tilt up again), 4 moons of Jupiter. That's about it.

If you want a real telescope and not a toy, I would recommend that you look up your local astronomy club on line and attend a few open observing sessions. You will get an opportunity to look through several scopes at several targets, and you will get an idea of what to expect at the eyepiece and at the cash register. You owe it to yourself to get a better understanding of what to look for. This is a classic toy telescope that will result in nothing but frustration and a quick trip to the resale shop.

Make a telescope out of a camera tripod

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