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All kids have their own little quirks. Everyone knows a kid who refuses to play with anything except cars, trains or sticks, stones and marbles!

And let's not forget the adorable little girls who frown upon childlike dolls, frills and toys. If you're looking for ways to broaden your kids' range of interest while giving them a toy they will love, you're going to have to bring out the special stuff.

1. Tyco R/C AirBlade Hovercraft 27MHZ: The Vehicle Lover

Here's something unique; a waterproof, amphibian hovercraft with three air cushions. A remote radio controller with long-lasting battery gives your kid hours of playtime.

2. MeadeETX-80BB Discovery Backpack Observatory: Explorers, campers and stargazers

Introducing Discovery's light-weight portable telescope with an inbuilt compass, 80mm Barlow lens for high resolution images, a Computer Autostar System that locates 1400 star system and suggests best eyepiece options! It comes with a tripod and a backpack. A hardy, portable piece designed to teach all future pirates, naturalists, astronomers, astrologers and astronauts alike.

3. Thames & Kosmos Perfume Science: The Girls' Girl

Give her the best hobby kit a girl can have. This one teaches the entire history and science behind perfumes and comes with essential oils, decorative vials and mixing equipment to practice with.

4. Disney Netpal Computer: The Little Intellectual

Questions after questions, if that defines this kid, don't try her patience with toys. Treat her as an adult and give her something that will challenge her more.

5. Revell 1:48 B17G Flying Fortress: The Mechanic

This variety is often found nestled under a car, examining how it works or taking apart the blow dryer to see what's inside. Give her a project based gift like a detailed but easy to assemble model airplane she can put together herself.

6. WowWee Tekno the RC Robotic Puppy: The Shy Kid

Give this kid a dream robotic pet to be proud of. Movement and magnet sensors allow Tekno to respond to motions, he even reacts to petting and ear tickles.

7. Mongoose Montana Boy's Mountain Bike: The Explorer

With its aluminum frame mounted on extra thick 24 inch wheel, 21-speed SRAM MRX shifters as well as front and rear linear pull brakes, Mongoose Montana is perfect for adventurous growing boys.

8. Hasbro Laser Tag System 2PK: The Imaginative Troublemaker

Is this the secret spy kid? Get him a laser tag kit that won't hurt anyone so he can carry on his missions discretely.

9. Nintendo Wii: The Gaming Kid

This light weight, super-small game system makes room for 2 USB inputs and packs 512 MB space with room for an external memory card. Plus, the console comes with a compilation of Nintendo Sports and classics from the last 20 years!

10. Lego Millennium Falcon Play Set: The Indoor Kid

Try LEGOs' exclusive, movie authentic, miniature replica of the Millennium Falcon ship, a part of the Star Wars Movie series. With a length of 33", 22" width and 8" tall, this monster has over 5000 pieces and is Lego's largest set ever.

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Help with telescope needed?

The body of the telescope is constructed of sturdy metal and there are 2 lens, a 6mm 60 x lens and a 20mm 18x lens. A 1.5 magnifier extension is included that converts the 6mm lens to 90x and the 20mm lens to 27x. Comes with a table-top tripod stand with altitude and azimuth mounting. A lens cover for the telescope and plastic containers for the extra lenses are also included.

What can I see with this telescope and how should I arrange the pieces?
How to use it question is more important for me, as first I want to learn things on this telescope and than try a better telescope.

For sky gazing, that scope is almost useless. You might be able to spy on a neighbor or see boats in a harbor with it. Perhaps a view of the moon is possible, but it will be frustrating. Use the 20mm lens alone, then perhaps the 20mm with the 1.5x tube in front of it. The 6mm one is not recommended for much.
Join a local astronomy club and view through actual astronomy telescopes. Get good information. has a search function for finding clubs nearby.

The Moon Last Night

Meade DS2114ATS Computerized Refractor Telescope  Tripod Remote Extra Lenses
Meade DS2114ATS Computerized Refractor Telescope Tripod Remote Extra Lenses

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Bushnell Telescope Rotary Power 340 On Tripod With Extras
Bushnell Telescope Rotary Power 340 On Tripod With Extras

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SkySpy 70mm Refractor Telescope with Extra Long Sturdy Tripod Finder Scope

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