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Product Info for TeleVue Paracorr Photo Lens Assembly PLA-2001

TeleVue Paracorr Photo Lens Assembly provides new and improved way of coma correction.

Coma makes stars look like blurry comets whose tails point out radially from the center of the field. The faster your scope's speed, the worse the effect. All parabolic mirrors used in Newtonian reflecting telescopes are limited in field sharpness due to coma. Even a perfectly made 13" f/4.5 parabola has only about 0.1 degree diffraction limited field.

TeleVue Paracorr is a universal corrector that tightens and intensifies star images on f-ratios from f/3.5 to f/8 without adding any false color or spherical aberration! You no longer have to constantly shift a Dobsonian to keep objects centered for sharp viewing. Using a TeleVue eyepiece, put M-13 at the edge of the field and enjoy resolving its beauty as it drifts across your view.

This is the photographic version threaded for 35mm T-rings. Does not include TeleVue Tuneable Top or TeleVue 2 - 1 1/4" adapter.

Package Contents:

  • TeleVue Paracorr Photo Lens Assembly

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