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Ten Desirable Travel Gadgets

It goes without saying that when you set off on your travels you pack clean clothes, toiletries and other essentials – such as headache tablets – into your chosen luggage type. But, to get the most out of your time on the move on in your hotel, what else should you take with you? Here's a top ten of useful items and gadgets:

1. Universal plug – If you are planning to use anything electrical, such as a hair dryer, travel iron or mobile phone charger in your hotel room, then make sure the universal plug is one of the first items you pack.

2. Travel Iron – Unless the grungy, crumpled look is really your thing, pack away a handy little travel iron. You never know when you'll need that groomed, suave and sophisticated look when on your travels.

3. Archos portable media player – Even on the longest trips you'd be hard-pushed to run out of options with this player. The 160GB memory version holds a staggering 450 full-length movies, 1.6 million photos or almost 80,000 tunes.

4. Laptop with WiFi – Most of the world's big hotel chains and indeed a lot of the quality independents are now fitted with wireless allowing easy and convenient log-in to your own laptop.

5. Mobile phone and charger – Unless you resolutely refuse to be contactable on your travels, don't forget your phone and charger! Remember to ensure that your provider has enabled you for roaming before you go! It can also act as your camera!

6. Beer bottle goblets – Even if you can't get your hands on your favourite ale while away you can always think you're drinking it. With upended Stella and Sol beer bottles presented as goblets, these are an inventive and novel way to hold your drinks!

7. The Good Book – no not an actual printed bible, but a very cunningly disguised lookalike in which you stash away a 4oz stainless steel flask inside. It's a great place to hide you booze, as even the most hardened criminal is unlikely to look in the bible for goodies!

8. Hairdryer – this article is not just for the ladies. Most hotels may have their own version but make sure that you pack your 1600watt monster if you want more than a gentle breeze to cross your barnet in your hotel room.

9. Washing up powder and sewing repair kit – Look after your clothes in a cheap and cheerful manner by washing them yourself in the hotel sink! It saves an absolute packet on hotel fees and keeps you sparkling and fresh. Any repairs can be patched up with your sewing kit!

10. First aid kit – Can literally be a lifesaver depending on to where you are traveling. For example if visiting tropical countries serious consideration should be given to taken items like malaria tablets, anti-biotics and sun creams. Even non-tropical travels should include at least headache and gastric relief tablets!

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Will a USB power adapter work w/ a computer cable. Like plug the USB part into the opening?

When you buy a iPod, it comes with a free computer recharger. There is this thing that you can buy and it is $29.99 and it is called a USB power adapter and it is just this plug in and in there is this hole that looks like the computer USB recharger. It says it works with this kit, but it is a world wide one. Do you think I should get a cheap one instead of from apple. Like get a travel recharger for the Ipod touch from Newbury comics? I need someone with experiance to help me. Also, I don't have a iPod touch yet, I am goning to get one soon.

Hi EveLynnC,

I am not sure it I completely understand what you want.

You can use any USB cable with your computer to charge the iPod. If you already have a cable it will work. The computer supplies the power to recharge. You don't actually need a "charger" with the computer. All you need is the cable.

Any mini USB 110 volt charger will also charge the iPod. The mini USB is standardized at 5.0 volts. Some charge a bit faster then others but they all charge at 5.0 volts.

Buy the cheapest charger you can find as long as it fits.


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