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The camera flash is one of the most essential components in photography. The flash assists in providing lighting at the right moment so that one can capture the image with the right amount of light and exposure. All cameras come with a built in flash, but it is quite basic at most. It is sufficient for general photography, but when you need to take a really perfect photograph that requires consistent and well set up illumination, an additional flash gun for artificial light is your best bet. There are several types of camera flashes for one's use.

A slave flash is a pretty commonly seen flash. These are actually electronic photoelectric sensor based flashes. These flashes are designed to go of, when the sensors sense that another flash is going off. They are best used in protected studio environments along with your built in or hot shoe flash, to provide a secondary flash. The hot shoe mounted flash is the most commonly used camera flash. It either can work independently or can be given controls via the camera depending on the camera model. This way, the hot shoe flash can work in tandem with the camera's sensor or will have to be operated manually.

Ring flashes are used mainly for macro photography where a concentric ring of light has to be provided around the camera lens. Twin flashes offer similar features to a ring flash, but provide two concentric rings hence giving better illumination. In the event the hot shoe mounted flash is not sufficient, the hammerhead type of camera flash is used. This provides better illumination and better angle adaptability too in many cases.

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My dad has a Solar Max 40 telescope. Do you know?

My dad has a Solar Max 40 telescope. He wants me to be able to hook my Canon S3 iS camera up to it, but isn't sure what equipment/adapter we need. Could we get a link or suggestion. Thanks

*he has tripod and everything to keep his baby stable, we just need to "connector" to get my Camera attached.

I suggest you contact Craig Weatherwax of Oceanside Photo and Telescope. Craig is an extremely knowledgable Astronomical dealer. He carry's Coranado Solarmax Scopes and a large range of adapters.

You need to provide an adapter to connect this telescope to your digital camera. The adapter needs to have the right properties to ensure that the image formed makes good use of the area of the CCD in the camera.

Here's OPT's link:


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