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TS-Optics 0.8x Full-frame Corrector for f/8 RC Telescopes - M68x1 Connection

The corrector and focal reducer is designed especially for Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes and shortens the focal length while correcting the image field at the same time.

? Connection at telescope side: M68x1 thread (female)

? Connection at camera side: M68x1 thread (male)

? Diameter 74 mm - the corrector can be sunken into 3"

? Working distance from the male M68x1 thread: 82 mm

? The focal length is shortened by the factor 0.8x and the speed is increased correspondingly.

? In addition, the corrector eliminates the field aberrations of f/8 RC telescopes, it works with all f/8 RC telescopes, for example TS-Optics, AstroTec, CFF, Officina Stellare, ...

TS-Optics Focal Reducer and Field Corrector for Ritchey-Chrétien Telescopes

Teleskop-Service offer complete correction of the image field of RC telescopes with reduction of the focal length to 80% at the same time. Pure telecompressors, like the CCDT67 from Astro Physics, reduce the focal length without correcting the image field. The result is an aberration (astigmatism) in the corners. The larger the sensor, the more pronounced the aberration.

The TSRCRED is designed especially for the image field of f/8 RC telescopes, thus it eliminates the aberrations entirely. The results are sharper, pinpoint stars and easier focusing.

Adapting the TSRCRED to the telescope:

You have two possibilities of adapting to the RC telescope. You can thread the corrector to the focuser or countersink it into the drawtube if you have less than 135 mm working distance.

? Adaption via the female M68x1 thread at the telescope side:
Via suitable adapters, you can attach the corrector to any focusers from 2.5" upwards. You just have to provide the focuser with a male M68x1 thread at the camera side. Please note that you need at least 135 mm working distance from the male thread.

? Adaption with countersinking the corrector into the drawtube at the same time:
If there is less backfocus, we recommend countersinking the corrector into the drawtube. Thus the necessary backfocus is reduced to less than 100 mm. We are pleased to offer you suitable adapters. For focusers with the female M78x1 thread, like the TSFOCR30S, we already have the suitable adapter with the item number # M78a-M68a in our product range (see recommended accessories).

Adapting the camera to the TSRCRED:

The working distance from the male M68x1 thread at the camera side is 82 mm, thus you have enough space for individual adaptions or accessories like off-axis guiders. The male thread is not taken into account for the working distance, as it disappears into the connection adapter.


Type:Corrector and reducer for RC telescopesFocal length factor:0.8xThread at telescope side:M68x1 thread (female) - length 6 mmThread at the camera side:M68x1 thread (male) - length 5 mmDiameter:74 mmHeight:34 mmNumber of elements:3 elementsCoating:Multi-coated (anti-reflective)

Optional offer:
Adapter M78a to M68a

Male thread at the telescope side:M78x1 - length 5 mmFemale thread at the telescope side:M68x1 - length 5.5 mmMale thread at the camera side:M68x1 - length 5 mm

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