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TS-Optics 150/420 mm f/2.8 hyperbolic Astrograph with Corrector and Carbon Tube included correctorHyperbolic flat-field astrograph with 150 mm aperture and fast f/2.8 aperture ratio from Teleskop-Service

? Aperture 150 mm / focal length 420 mm / focal ratio f/2.8

? Optimally suited for mobile astrophotography with modern, high-resolution digital cameras

? Perfect image up to 45 mm image circle (full-frame size sensors)

? Hyperbolic primary mirror with 150 mm diameter

? Modern 2.5" R&P focuser with integrated corrector system

? Dual speed for accurate focusing

? Carbon Tube for optimally keeping the focus position - provides better focus stability than a metal tube

? stable metal secondary mirror holder with adjustment screws

? Primary mirror collimation with pull and push screws

? Connections at camera side: M63x0.75 (female), M48x0.75 (male) and 1.25"

? Working distance from the M48x0.75 camera thread is 55 mm

? The two astro images were made with the TS 150 mm f/2.8 Hypergraph.

? Transport case included

TS-Optics hyperboloid Astrograph with 150 mm Aperture and f/2.8

These astrographs are perfectly tailored to the modern demands of the digital astrophotography. In opposite to simple Newtonian telescopes with coma corrector, the TS Hypergraphs have a hyperbolic primary mirrror and an especially designed corrector in the focuser. With this, a perfectly corrected image circle of 45 mm diameter is obtained, with space-optimised design and a moderate secondary mirror with 70 mm diameter. At the same time the image quality is so high that even modern astro-cameras with very high resolution can be used.

The advantages and features of the TS Hypergraphs at a glance:

? Optics optimised for astrophotography, with high resolution over the entire useable image field.
? Carbon tube for a significantly better focus stability than with a metal tube. Refocusing after temperature changes can be omitted. The images become sharper.
? Secondary mirror is installed with the necessary offset, the illumination of the field is more even.
? Despite the extreme focal ratio the telescope is well to collimate and it keeps collimation well even during transport.
? Micro focusing is already built-in, this is necessary with the extreme focal ratio of f/2.8
? High-quality CNC tube rings and a GP/Q5 dovetail bar are included in the scope of delivery
? Carry handle with support area for a finder shoe
? Easy camera adaption via the M48x0,75 connection thread of the focuser. The working distance is 55 mm.

Easy camera connection via the thread of the focuser

When dealing with such a highly resolving and fast optics, a threaded connection of the camera is necessary. In this way, tilting and therefore unsharp stars at the edge are avoided.

The 2.5" R&P focuser has, besides the female M63x0.75 thread, a male M48x0.75 thread. The working distance from this thread is perfectly 55 mm. This matches, for example, exactly the distance which a SLR camera and the matching T-adapter need. Even astro cameras, like the ones from ZWO, are already supplied with an adapter kit to M48 which takes account of exactly this distance.

technical Details:
Type:Hyperbolic flat-field astrograph with correctorAperture:150 mmFocal length:420 mmFocal ratio:f/2.8Image circle:45 mm diameter with optimum correctionSecondary mirror diameter:70 mmTube material:CarbonTube diameter:200 mmTube length:450 mmWeight:5 kg incl. tube ringsCamera connection:M63x0.75 thread (female) / M48x0.75 thread (male)Working distance:55 mm from the male M48x0.75 threadEyepiece connection:1.25" via the adapter

Scope of delivery:
? Optical tube
? CNC tube rings with Losmandy style dovetail bar
? Handle
? 1.25" eyepiece adapter
? Transport case

Shipment details
We will ship the parcel fully insured and traceable using UPS.

We ship from Germany. For this reason you will need to pay import taxes for the item. The taxes are not included in the purchasing price and are payable directly to the shipping company. If you wish to know in advance how much the taxes and duty charges will be please ask your local customs office!

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