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TS-Optics Adapter with male M78x1 Thread and M68x1 Thread at both Sides

The adapter allows the connection of correctors with male M68x1 thread with countersinking into the drawtube at the same time.

? Connection at the telescope side: M78x1 thread (male) - fits to the female thread of many focusers like TSFOCR30 and TSFOCR30S

? Female M68x1 thread at the telescope side, correctors like the TSRCRED can be attached here.

? Male M68x1 thread at the camera side, for further adaptions

? Optical path from M68 female to M68 male is 8.3 mm. The male thread is not taken into account.

TS-Optics Multi-functional Adapter for attaching M68 Accessories to Focusers and Adapters with female M78x1 Thread

The adapter provides the transition to the ZEISS style M68x1 connection thread, thus you can connect M68x1 accessories to these focusers.

The special feature of the adapter is a further M68x1 thread (female) at the telescope side. You can attach correctors to this thread and sunk them into the drawtube. This kind of adaption has some advantages:

? You save the entire mechanicel path of the corrector or reducer and thus win valuable working distance. Often focusing is only possible through this adaption.

? The lever arm at the focuser is more favourable, as the weight of the corrector is in the drawtube and thus closer to the telescope.

? The adapter allows for an entirely threaded connection. Tilting, as it is possible with 2" or 3" clamping, can be excluded


Male thread at the telescope side:M78x1 - length 5 mmFemale thread at the telescope side:M68x1 - length 5.5 mmMale thread at the camera side:M68x1 - length 5 mmOptical path:8.3 mm from female M68x1 to male M68x1Total length of the adapter:13.3 mm


 Teleskop-Express: Your expert for adaptor solutions … please have a look at our Shop!
For this please visit, then please have a look by Adapters





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