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TS-Optics 1.25" Binoviewer 1.0 magnification zero optical path and erect image

Parfocal binocular device for oberving through your telescope with both eyes without change in magnification, but with 100% compensation of the optical path.

? The binoviewer can be used with all telescopes with 1.25" receptacle. No additional optical path is required.

? The TS parfocal binoviwer is particularly suited for Newtonian telescopes and for all telescopes with little backfokus.

? The magnification is not changed, in opposite to conventional binoviewers with glass path corrector.

? Innovative mirror and lenses system for a very well corrected field - for eyepieces up to 22 mm field stop.

? High-quality compression ring for 1.25" eyepieces - no tilting even with notch.

? Variable interpupillary distance from 58 mm to 74 mm

? Inclusive diopter compensation at the right receptacle.

TS-Optics Binocular Device without change in focal length and complete correction of the optical path.

View nebulas and galaxies at maximum image brightness with your Newtonian telescope or your refractor. You donĀ“t need an additional lens or corrector for compensating the length of this binoviewer and the magnification stays the same. That is made possible through a new mirror prism concept and corrector system.

The parfocal 1.25" binoviewer allows deep-sky observation with both eyes even at low magnifiation, so you can fully use the speed of your telescope.

The PFBINO is optimized for 1.25" eyepieces up to approximately 22 mm field stop diameter. 100% clear aperture is reached with a field stop of 17.3 mm. For this reason we do not recommend extreme wide-angle eyepieces, but our NED eyepiece series which can be used without limits.

Features of the TS PFBINO at a glance:

? Complete optical path compensation, the position of the focuser stays roughly the same as without the binoviewer. You can use the binoviewer with all telescopes with 1.25" receptacle.
? The magnification does not change, this is achieved through a combination of mirrors, prisms and corrector lenses.
? The workmanship is of particularly high quality and classy - made in Taiwan.
? Especially high sharpness and better conrast than with simpler binoviewers.
? Ideal for fast APO refractors with little backfocus and for all Newtonian telescopes.
? The binoviewer can be combined with all current Barlow lenses.
? Telescope side connection is 1.25" - using 1.25" filters is possible.
? Eyepiece side connection is also 1.25", eyepieces are locked with compression rings - thus free from tilting.
? The interpupillary distance is continously adjustable from 58 mm to 74 mm.
? With 127x106x50 mm, the binoviwer is very compact.
? The weight is only 716 grams - the focuser is not unduly burdened.

The description of the manufacturer:

Innovative special binocular device with "erect image" & "zero optical path length required". By incorporating an erecting system equal magnification relay lens group of 5 groups and 7 lenses, binocular vision can be performed with an erect image without changing the magnification, and at the same time the additional optical path length becomes zero, so that without using extenders etc. together focusing is possible with all telescopes. Adopting a precisely polished knife edge optical path splitting mirror instead of an ordinary beam splitter prism for the optical path splitting optical system. As a result, the difference in color tone between the left and right and the difference in lightness are small, furthermore, there is no occurrence of various aberrations due to use of the prism and no contrast reduction, very clear binocular image can be obtained. As well as observing the moon and planet at high magnification, it is possible to use the reducer together, so you can enjoy the nebula cluster observation with low magnification which was difficult with the conventional binocular device. Please try to realize a new world of binocular vision with innovative binoculars that distinguish existing products.


Optical system:5 groups - 7 optical elementsMirror layer:99% reflectivity dielectric coatingCoating:MulticoatedClear aperture:17.4 mmInterpupillary distance:58-74 mmTelescope connection:1.25" with filter threadEyepiece connection:1.25" with compression ringDiopter compensation:at the right receptacleMagnification:no change in magnificationSize:127x106x50 mmWeight:716 grams

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Binoviewer with Case

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