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This TS Optics telescope kit is a great grab and go for wide field viewing or imaging. I have used it for a couple seasons, and have included 2 images taken with it from my backyard near Portland, Oregon. The telescope is complete as purchased new and doesn't come with that bottom-most long black bracket pictured here, that was for taking the pics to hold it still. It does come with the clamshell mounting braket.
There is a compression ring style 2" eyepiece holder as well as a 2"- 1-1/4" adapter, also compression ring style as opposed to hard thumbscrews. It comes with the TSO 0.79x Field flattener / Focal reducer (TSO-TSRED279) in mint condition, which you will want for wide flat field astro imaging.

TS Photoline series high-quality travel apo for observing and astrophotography.

Apochromatic objective with FPL53 doublet - glass from Ohara (Japan)

Despite the high speed, the lens images almost free of false color. Even at 200x magnification, no chromatic error will affect the pleasure of viewing. The air-spaced doublet objective is fully multi-coated for a bright and contrasty image.

The 2" rack-and-pinion focuser of the Photoline72 apo

The 2" CNC focuser is optimized for photography and supports a load of up to 4 kg. The 2" receptacle can be screwed off. By using the M54 connection thread (M54x0.75 male), the TS photo corrector can be directly screwed in place, so the whole camera adaption is bolted together. 

The drive and bearing of the focuser are separated. The draw-tube is moved by a rack & pinion system. With this, slipping is impossible even at high load. The position of the draw-tube can be fixed by a locking screw at the bottom side, thereby long exposure times are possible without shifting the sharpness.

Photography with the TS Photoline72 APO

The Photoline 72 mm apo offers all possibilities for astrophotography, landscape and animal photography. It can replace a very expensive telephoto lens. For more sharpness in the field and faster focal ratio we recommend the Photoline corrector TSO-TSRED279.
The corrector reduces the focal length of the apo to 316 mm and increases speed to f/4.38! At the same time, the sharpness in the field is increased significantly. Impressive astro images and nature images are possible. Cameras sensor imaging areas up to 30 mm diameter are full illuminated and well corrected. Suggested working distance from the T2 thread of the reducer is 65 mm. 

Delivery contents 

72mm APO
2" 0.79 X field flattener focal reducer.

Reducer adapter 2"/1.25"

Tube ring with photo tripod connection

Dust caps for lens and eyepiece side


Type of telescope:

Doublet Apo refractor


72 mm

Focal ratio:


Focal length:

400 mm



Max. useful visual power:

140 x


105mm standard or 165 mm with removed tube extension

Connection to eyepiece:


Tube diameter:

80 mm

Length during observing:

320 mm with tube extension or 260 mm without extension, dew cap retracted

Dewcap diameter:

87 mm

Tube weight:

2 kg

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