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Obsession 18" Ultra Compact (UC) - (Part 1)

The Sony KDL-40W5810 TV boasts some of the manufacturer's latest technology improvements, making it definitely worth a review by those shopping for a quality high-definition LCD TV.

For many people, the big news from Sony will be the manufacturer's efforts to reduce its environmental impact. To that end, the TV and its packaging are made from recycled materials, thus ensuring that the set and packaging can also be recycled. Sony also uses the new "Eco" technology found in other LCD TVs to detect light levels in the room and dim the brightness in response, reducing energy usage by as much as 30 percent. Those who log a lot of time in front of the TV may even see a savings on their electricity bills.

Sony updated its Bravia Engine to enhance audio and video clarity. For instance, when a program's sound diminishes, such as when actors are whispering, the Sony KDL-40W5810 has a feature called Voice Volume. This enhancement makes voices clearly understandable no matter what the sound level of the show. Another audio enhancement is Sony's S-Force system. This software provides theatre quality sound by projecting sound as the ear hears it, without bouncing sound waves off a secondary booster. In addition, another audio feature call Steady Sound will keep volume where the viewer places it, no matter what level comes up. This means no more scrambling for the remote to turn down screaming commercials!

The Sony KDL-40W5810 sports a 1080-pixel resolution for its high-definition screen, a ratio that creates the clearest picture among LCD TVs. This model includes an integrated digital tuner and Freesat, a system to access digital radio and broadcast channels without needing to subscribe to a cable provider.

When it comes to picture quality, the Sony Bravia KDL-40W5810 has made an effort to match the visual clarity of movies shown in theatres. This model's Real Cinema system shows movies at 24 frames per second, just like at the cinema. Furthermore, the TV uses not one, but two features to bring the most vivid, realistic colours possible: Live Color and Advanced Contrast Enhancer. Live Color heightens the picture's reds and greens to make the colours more lifelike. It's adjustable at high, medium and low levels, and the colour saturation can be disabled if the viewer prefers. Advanced Contrast Enhancer deepens the colour black on the screen so that it appears as genuine black and not a impression of brown or grey.

The Sony KDL-40W5810 includes a USB port to allow users to upload videos, still pictures and music to the TV. Picture Frame mode is the feature that allows display of still photos on the TV screen. The TV comes programmed with Applicast to access Sony's Internet channel, which lets viewers add widgets to the TV screen so they can check stock market quotes, weather forecasts and similar online applications.

There are even more high-tech additions to the Sony KDL-40W5810. Its DLNA network allows viewers to connect their own PCs or laptops to the TV, providing real big-screen display of computer data. In addition the Bravia's remote can be used to control any high-definition device that can plug into one of the set's 4 HDMI slots. Good-bye to the pile of remotes next to your TV chair.

To conclude our Sony KDL-40W5810 review, this model is also ultra thin in size meaning it will fit anywhere in a room. And its swivel base lets users position the TV for the best viewing angle. Definitely one for your shortlist if you need a new TV.

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I want to sell my Orion telescope, and I would like to how much to sell it for?

It is a Orion Observer 60mm Ultra w/3 lenses.

You will not get much more than $40 or $50 for that even in prime condition. It is the smallest and cheapest scope that Orion makes. You will get more satisfaction out of it if you give it to a child.

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