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IMMEDIATE DELIVERY—This is for a brand new, unopened eVscope (with tripod and Citizen Science Membership) and an EVscope backpack. Ready for immediate delivery.

Unistellar sells this telescope for $2999.00 US and the Backpack for $349.00 US. Earlier Unistellar was charging a 7.5% import fee for the US. I’m not certain if that still applies (although I had to pay the import fee). They are now offering delivery in September. Whoever buys this one will get it in a few days for a tremendous savings. 

For details about this amazing, lightweight telescope please visit Unistellar’s website. I placed their link at the bottom of this description. There are also many reviews available online. 

So, I am offering this for a limited time. The plan is to leave it on eBay for one month at the most. If you would like to be enjoying the night sky with an eVscope within a week or so, please act quickly. At the end of the month (if not sooner), I plan to open the box and begin my long awaited journey.

I was an early backer of the Kickstarter campaign funding Unistellar‘s eVscope. That was nearly 3 years ago. Their plan was to have it manufactured and delivered by November 2018. As a community, backers have followed the birth of this telescope for nearly 3 years. My telescope (this one) arrived at my house from Unistellar on Tuesday June 22nd. I took a picture of the box where FedEx delivered it at my front door. I then took the box containing this marvelous instrument inside the house and placed it safely on the floor in my den. I sat looking at the box and thinking how I had waited patiently for this moment to arrive for almost 3 years. There it was.

I truly enjoyed getting updates (#47 came last week and contained the US warehouse photo above). I had watched the design team and followed as their challenges became successes. It has been quite a wonderful journey.

A lot has happened in the world since I punched that little green button backing Unistellar‘s Kickstarter campaign. The prize lies invitingly before me, but... if you are interested, here is your chance to become part of this wonderful community in my stead. Should no one take the plunge by month’s end, I will open the box and continue my dream. I’m happy either way.

Here’s some of what “they” say about the eVscope.

“100 times more powerful than a normal telescope. Prepare to be amazed by the crisp and detailed views of the universe through the eyepiece of the eVscope. Smart and easy to use. 

Turn your eVscope on, choose an object on your app and observe.

No constellations knowledge required, no polar star alignment, the eVscope does it all by itself and in a few minutes.

Feel the thrills of scientific discovery.

In partnership with SETI Institute, connect your Unistellar eVscope to a network of thousands of eVscope owners around the world and help scientists, all the while witnessing special astronomical events like comets, threatening asteroids, supernovae, and unexpected events in the dark sky.

Carry it anywhere.

Canning power and accuracy in a unique compact design that you can carry anywhere.“

This Offer includes: eVscope, Tripod + Evscope backpack

Don’t Dilly-Dally too long... as I may change my mind.

Here is the Unistellar link you can copy and paste into your browser:

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