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University Optics Professional 6.8mm Orthoscopic 1.25" eyepiece

Exceptional eyepiece for lunar, planetary and globulars - some of the sharpest and brightest views I have ever had, bar none. Barlows very well for excellent high power planetary observations. Eye relief is long enough that I can see 95% of the FOV (about 43 degrees).

I bought these Flat Top eyepieces in the early 80's... they are very rare and hard to find. I won't sell these unless I get the right amount of money for them. When I bought these, everyone in the astronomy club wanted them after looking at the views through the 12" reflector we had on site. I have a nice set of 2" Nagler's, and the views you get through these 1.25" eyepieces will rival just about anything. I always wished I could find a set of 2" UO Ortho eyepieces, but it never happened. They give the best views because of the lens configuration which lets more light through than others with a lot more glass between you and your eye, and the contrast is better than any eyepiece you might try to compare this with.

This Ortho won't disappoint! 

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